Fun books and activities for kids from our children's librarians.

Read & Play: How to Tell a Good Story!

by Marisa Kuras

“Tell us another story!” “Yes, more stories!” These were the cries from the P.S. 10 Kindergarten class as I concluded their class visit to Kings Highway Library. I had just performed the French folktale “Six Silly Cats” to this group of five-year-olds, and–much to my surprise and, of course, delight–it had gone over better than expected. Better even than the picture book I also read to them, Bathe the Cat by Alice B. McGuinty. While the children seemed to appreciate the book’s rhyme scheme, its Day-Glo illustrations, and the humor of a chore chart gone awry, when their teacher asked who…

Library Lab: Fizzing Frosty


Too chilly outside to play? Snow problem. Let's build a snowman in the toasty warmth of the library and learn a little about chemical reactions along the way! Many thanks to Little Bins for Little Hands for instructional inspiration.   Library Supplies:  baking soda water white vinegar small disposable cup two small bowls spoon glitter two googly eyes orange pipe cleaner two brown pipe cleaners   Instructions: After you’ve assembled all the supplies you’ll need for this activity, carefully arrange Frosty’s two googly eyes and carrot nose (that is, an…

Kids Create: Funky Sweater Ornaments!


Happy holidays from the Brooklyn Public Library, we hope this craft finds you well! This funky sweater craft is a great way to exercise your little ones fine motor skills and will allow them to flex their funny bones!  How To: 1. I began by tracing and cutting out a singular sweater shape. Once I had that, I traced the outline of it four times on a piece of cardstock.   2. After cutting out our whimsical sweater shapes, I used a hole puncher to create a circle at the top of the sweater, where our ribbon will go. 3. Once I finished decorating, I curled some…

BPL Presents: Bianca Turetsky Visit at P.S. 225


Twice a school year, our Programs and Exhibitions department partners with the branches to offer Author/Illustrator Visits to schools across Brooklyn. This year, I had the pleasure of partnering with P.S. 225 The Eileen Zaglin School, with Bianca Turetsky, author of The Time Traveling Fashionista series. Bianca had the opportunity to discuss her work with the 7th and 8th graders at P.S. 225.  What I enjoyed the most about Bianca’s presentation was her interaction with the students. Instead of giving a lecture on her novels and writing process, she made it an interactive writing session…

Talking with Children in Difficult Times


Parents and caregivers often struggle with ways to control the media influences in their children's lives. When screens and newspapers are filled with tragic news from a national or world crisis, it becomes even more important to find ways to open up conversations about difficult topics like the current conflict in Israel and Palestine. BKLYN's Coordinator of Early Literacy Jessica Ralli has co-authored a book series that is helping adults start important conversations with children about many topics. This post is adapted with permission from an Instagram post by Jessica Ralli and…

A Nanny's Work Through Pictures and Words

Zach Frater

My Mother Was a Nanny: Paintings from the Book by Laura James September 25, 2023 to January 28, 2024 Central Library, Youth Wing While Julie Andrews’ performance as the magical nanny Mary Poppins captured the hearts of viewers in 1964, would you say that today’s real-life nannies, homemakers, babysitters and other domestic workers are as beloved? Sometimes as adults, it’s easy for us to overlook the things we see every day, even if those “things” are actually other people. In 2023, many of us still rely on domestic workers to clean our homes and offices, to watch and rear our children, and…

Be Creative: Make Your Own Kaleidocycle

Sara Pena

  We here at Brooklyn Public Library invite you to Make Your Own Kaldeiocycle. Try it at home or look in our Calendar of Events for a local branch hosting this activity! No matter where you make it, you can receive a Be Creative sticker for your Book Your Brooklyn Summer@BPL gameboard. You can learn more about Summer@BPL on our website. MATERIALS NEEDED: Paper with Printed Template (Sample templates from We're Calling Shenanigans and Easy Peasy Fun) Tip: If you have it, we recommend printing this out on cardstock or other heavy paper.…

Figure It Out: Build Your Own Robot Hand

Sydney Geyer

  Brooklyn Library invites you to Make your own Robot Hand and receive a Figure it Out sticker for your Book Your Brooklyn summer gameboard with this fun activity. Try this at home or look in our BPL events calendar for a local branch hosting this fun activity! You can learn all about Summer@BPL on our website.  CRAFT MATERIALS NEEDED:  One piece of cardstock paper, a pencil, scissors, string or twine, tape and straws. How to: Trace a hand and wrist onto the piece of cardstock. (The bigger the hand you trace the better, so ask a caregiver to lend you theirs…

Book World, Episode 8: BPL Songs and Rhymes - Open, Shut Them

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Let's sing together!  This favorite with fun accompanying gestures offers a great opportunity to bond with and nurture little ones.  Through singing, babies learn individual sounds and get ready for reading. Bigger children also learn new words, letters and sounds when you sing together so they will be easier to recognize and understand as they start to read. So, let’s sing often and have lots of fun!  

Book World, Episode 7: Shine Time - Science

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Scientists, it's time to shine!  In this Shine Time episode your neighbors and librarians show that science truly is everywhere.  They share fun science experiments, books and everyday activities that they think you'll enjoy.  Find instructions for more science fun at bklynlib.org/bookworld.  

Book World, Episode 6: Check It Out - Science

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Our fantastic Book Stars and Brooklyn neighbors are excited to recommend books that explore science.  Wondering, experimenting and sharing discoveries are all a part of doing science.  Sheneatha tries her hand, and feet, at doing an experiment and discovers that science can be slippery! Find instructions for fun science activities at bklynlib.org/bookworld.  

Book World, Episode 5: Songs and Rhymes

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

La, la, la!  Singing is not only fun but also important for helping children become great readers.  In this episode, Sheneatha teaches an active song that is one of the children’s favorites: “ZOOM!”  Through singing, babies learn individual sounds and get ready for reading. Bigger children also learn new words, letters, and sounds when you sing together so they will be easier to recognize and understand as children start to read. So, let’s sing often and have lots of fun!

Book World, Episode 4: Science is Everywhere!

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

  Science is everywhere and it’s for everyone, including little ones. Come join a dance party as your Book World friends experiment and go on an adventure to find science everywhere. After trying a wacky, colorful experiment, Sheneatha joins Jenn and Kat to learn about how we use science, technology, engineering, and math in our lives every day. They share some simple science activities for families and Jessica and her kiddos Jack and Cleo show us how they have fun with science at home. You can download these activity guides to try out these experiments at home with your grown ups!…

Book World Episode 3: Read, Play, Grow!

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Grown-ups, you’re going to love this episode! You’ll learn simple things you can do to help children become great readers. We’ll even talk about how you can get babies ready for reading. But as always, this will be fun for children as well! Jenn playfully pretends to be a toddler as Sheneatha demonstrates how talking with your child about what you’re reading (dialogic reading) can boost their understanding and motivation for reading. Sheneatha and Jenn shared so many great tips to enhance your child’s early literacy skills through dialogic reading! Here are a few to keep in mind the next…

Book World, Episode 2: Shine Time - Books We Love

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

This episode of Book World is a Shine Time segment!  You, your neighbors, and Brooklyn librarians shine in these photos and videos as you talk about the books you love. As you’ll see, some of our friends are still learning to talk and already love reading.  Hey, reading the pictures counts, too!  Talking with children about their interests, along with playing and reading books that explore those interests, are great ways to encourage a love for learning.   Check out some of these picture books that celebrate your little one’s beauty and…

Book World, Episode 1: Introducing. . . the Library, A.K.A. Book World!

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Hi Book Stars! The library’s new children’s show is here!  Get ready for your next visit to the library with this magical episode and the accompanying activities! In Episode 1 of Book World, Sheneatha, Jenn and Blueberry explore some of the many treasures the library has to offer. Join them and their friends as they sing and dance to “Books about Everything.”  Kids like you will share great books to check out and you’ll learn a new song that will keep you buzzing. For more fun, complete this scavenger hunt while you watch the video!  Watching Book World together?…

BKLYN Kids Presents: Great Podcasts for Kids & Grown-ups!


Are you a person who cannot start their commute without that favorite true crime or comedy podcast downloaded and in your queue? Whether you are a public radio nerd or just now discovering podcasts for yourself, I’m here to tell you that your kids can listen to podcasts, too! The children's podcast industry is growing, and a lot of them are educational and designed to be listened to as a family. So, you don’t have to put in your own headphones when you turn on these pods for your kiddos!   Audio stories are a great way to keep kids’ minds active and occupied while taking that long-…

BKLYN Kids Presents: Summer Reading 2022!


On Saturday, June 4th we kicked off Summer Reading at Brooklyn Public Library! This year is extra special because it's also BPL's 125th birthday, and You're Invited!  This summer, we encourage you to read whatever you like. Drop by your local branch to pick up a booklist of suggested titles, or check out our booklists of 125 titles we love for recommendations in both English and Spanish. We have these materials in print format, plus most of them are available as e-books or audiobooks too!   Plus we have tons of fun in-person and virtual programs available…

Talking About Gun Violence with Children: Supporting Early Conversations

Kevin Kelley, Coordinator, School Age Services; Jessica, Coordinator, School Age Services, , Coordinator, School Age Services

Talking about and understanding the news with young children can be hard, especially when the news is as scary, confusing, and heartbreaking as it has been in recent weeks. In this post you will find a list of helpful strategies you can use to engage with your young ones about recent tragic events, booklists, and a video from our friends at Sesame Street.   Tips for talking to your young one: Don’t avoid the topic. Whether we realize it or not, kids can sense when we’re upset, sad, or experiencing anxiety. It’s better to acknowledge your feelings, even if you are not ready to…

Mental Health Awareness Month


May is Mental Health Awareness Month so we will be sharing resources: information, books and programs all about mental health for children.  Information: Mental health is important at all ages! The CDC notes that mental health in childhood means "reaching developmental and emotional milestones and learning healthy social skills and how to cope when there are problems." Some ways to help children cope with various things is to talk openly about feelings, practice transitions (songs can help with this!) and explore mindfulness practices like breathing exercises.  Books:…

Kids Create: Pipe Cleaner Daffodils

Marlene, Assistant Branch Manager - Cypress Hills

Spring has sprung here in Brooklyn! And in honor of all the growing new plant life, we are making some beautiful flowers out of pipe cleaners.  Supplies: Pipe Cleaners 3 yellow 1 orange 1 6-inch green  Glue Pencil (optional) Steps: 1. Fold all 3 yellow pipe cleaners in half, open them up and arrange them in a star. Twist them at the middle so that they stay in place.  2. Take the end of one of the pipe cleaners and roll it tightly (like a snail!) Repeat until all the "petals" have been rolled up. Arrange them to your liking.    …

BKLYN Kids Presents: National Library Week 2022


This week we celebrate National Library Week! National Library Week runs from April 3-9 this year, and it's a special time when we recognize libraries, library workers, and all they do for us and our communities every day.  The theme for this year's National Library Week is "Connect With Your Library," which promotes libraries as places where people can connect.  What are some of the ways libraries can help us connect?  When we consider what connecting means in this digital age, we might think of internet access. Libraries help us connect by providing access to…

Exploring Online Resources: ScienceFlix


Today we are exploring another online resource that patrons can access using their library card. We will be looking at all of the exciting features of ScienceFlix!  You can find this resource by clicking the link above or by searching through the Brooklyn Public Library website. Under our logo on the left you will see Borrow, Learn, Attend and BPL Presents. Click Learn --> All Resources and Databases --> and the S to filter out the results by letter. You can also use the filter on the right-hand side to search only resources for kids.  Watch the…

BKLYN Presents: Black History Month Books to Celebrate


During the month of February, we celebrate Black History month and invite you to join the celebration! Carter G. Woodson, an African American historian and former slave, began the celebration in 1929 to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to the United States of America. At first, it was a two week-long celebration. Imagine a two week-long birthday party! He decided on February because it was the birthdays of two men who were very important in the lives of African Americans: Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. In 1976, Former United States president Gerald Ford decided…

BKLYN Kids Presents: Celebrating the Year of the Tiger


Tuesday February 1st is the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is considered one of the most important and festive holidays in East Asia, and is celebrated by a number of countries, the largest of which is China. The Chinese zodiac calendar consists of 12 different animals, with each year cycling through a different animal. This upcoming New Year will be the Year of the Tiger. Festivities begin on January 31st, the Eve of the new year, kicking off a 15-day long celebration filled with fireworks and dances.    In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we invite…

DIY Holiday Crafts Using Creativebug


Today I will be sharing how to access one of BPL's newest online resources for kids and adults and highlighting some great crafts that kids can make! These crafts are an excellent way to make indoor activities fun, form a creative practice and give some DIY gifts this holiday season.  Firstly, Creativebug is a video-learning site for art and craft classes. New classes from top artists are released every day, with instructors bringing a lifetime of practice and proven teaching methods. This site is free to use with a BPL library card. Simply click here to visit this resource, and…

BKLYN Kids Presents: Hanukkah Books to Feast Upon


Hanukkah Books to Feast Upon  The year 2013 was a special year as the first night of Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving. Although the two holidays do not fall on exactly the same night this year, Hanukkah celebrants this year are looking forward to turkey and pie, followed by latkes and donuts in the same long weekend. Here are some Hanukkah books that are worth checking out after feasting on all your holiday favorite foods: Meet the Latkes written by Alan Silberberg Meet the Latke Family. They are just like your family, but they are potato pancakes...and they get a…

BKLYN Kids Presents: New Books for a New Year!

Marlene, Assistant Branch Manager - Cypress Hills

Books for Toddlers, Tweens and Everyone In Between By Samantha Owen, Marlene Michalek and the BPL New Books Committee -- Youth and Family Services BPL librarians recently announced their favorite new children’s books from the latter half of 2021. This year’s selections celebrate body positivity, take readers to fantastical worlds, and highlight important historical people and events. On this list you’ll find The People Remember, written by Ibi Zoboi and illustrated by Loveis Wise, a nonfiction picture book that honors African American…

A Day of Mourning, Protest and Thanksgiving

Jezz Bold

No one knows when the "first" thanksgiving occurred. People have been giving thanks for as long as people have existed. Indigenous nations all over the world have celebrations of the harvest that come from very old traditions; for Native peoples, thanksgiving comes not once a year, but every day, for all the gifts of life. To refer to the harvest feast of 1621 as "The First Thanksgiving" disappears Indian peoples in the eyes of non-Native children.  - Deconstructing the Myths of "The First Thanksgiving by Judy Dow (Abenaki), from A Broken Flute: The Native Experience in…

Helping Your Child Through Vaccine Jitters

Rachel Payne & Jessica Ralli

Now that kids 5 years and up can get the COVID-19 vaccine, we thought we would pull together a few tips and resources from BPL staff parents and children’s librarians for making it through the shot. Step 1: Educate yourself We know every parent wants what is best for their child and all of us have questions about any medication our child takes. Some parents we know got the vaccine the first week and others were more cautious and wanted to wait see. If you feel like you want a bit more information, here are some good sources to check out: Emily Oster’s Parent Data Newsletter…

Author Spotlight: Dan Gutman


  My Weird Author Visit Dan Gutman’s latest tale from the kooky halls of the fictional Ella Mentry School, where each day brings a wacky surprise, is a geography-themed story called Mrs. Barr Has Gone Too Far! For those keeping track, Mrs. Barr Has Gone Too Far!  is #9 in Gutman’s My Weirder-est School series, and it is currently available for request at Brooklyn Public Library!  During a Zoom meeting with 300 students at P.S. 139 Alexine A. Fenty Elementary School in Ditmas Park last week, Gutman introduced the students and aspiring writers to his recipe for cooking up…

BPL Presents: Read to a Therapy Dog


Calling All Dog Lovers!  Here at Brooklyn Public Library, we love dogs (and reading, of course!). That is why we are super excited when we get to combine the two. At the Central Library, we are fortunate to partner with the therapy animal organization PET PARTNERS to offer a monthly therapy dog program.

Our volunteer certified therapy dog is named Angel, and we absolutely love having her visit at the library! Angel is pictured above at Central Library.
We know from experience that having children read to dogs can help build self-esteem and confidence…

Kids Explore: Map Your World


Recently the Carroll Gardens Library hosted Community Word Project for an outdoor program called “Map Your World”. The program was led by teaching artist, Libby and it was a great opportunity to use maps as a way to discuss our communities and the things we value in them. We started by exploring a variety of different maps with the group. We looked at subway maps, artistic maps, Google maps, maps that showed bike routes throughout the city, and maps that marked community gardens in Harlem. This became the jumping off point to discuss all the things that maps can do and…

BPL "Shelfies" Tribute


The world recently lost two great Children's Author/Illustrators: Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert. Both masters of bright colors and collage, their books bring vibrancy to our bookshelves and joy to our storytimes. As a tribute to their prolific work, BPL staff (and family!) took "Shelfies" with some of their favorite titles!  All featured titles can be accessed at the end of the post. This booklist is a compilation of the titles we love. Browse through the list, place a hold and check them out at your local branch today!  

BKLYN Kids Presents: Summer Reading 2021!


Have FUN this summer with books, activities, and virtual programs from Brooklyn Public Library!  This Saturday, June 5 is the official launch of Summer Reading in Brooklyn! You can find fun virtual and in-person programs throughout the summer to help you get excited about reading what you love in a favorite spot at the beach, park or cozied up at home. And to help you carry your books home from the library this summer, Brooklyn Public Library is giving away colorful tote bags to toddlers and babies, kids and teens! We will also have some free book giveaways!     …

Book Talk: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Marlene Michalek Kathy Gerber Allison Gerolami

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month! Since 1992, this is the month where we highlight the accomplishments and contributions of the AAPI communities in the United States. With the unacceptable rise of anti-Asian violence worldwide, it is even more important to bring attention to these amazing books written by AAPI writers. Before introducing you to the winners of 2021's American Library Association's Asian/Pacific American Awards for Children and Young Adult literature, just a note on prolific children's author/illustrator Grace Lin who gave a wonderful TEDx talk…

BKLYN Kids Presents: StoryWalks® And Rhyme & Play On Your Way

Rachel Payne Hasina Islam Kathy Gerber

StoryWalks® are coming! StoryWalks® are coming! StoryWalks® are picture books installed at outdoor locations. You can walk and read and enjoy them together as a family. They will be installed very soon, or you may find one at one of the many BPL Outdoor Events that are sprouting up around the borough with giant bubbles, family entertainment, and of course, storytimes! We are also displaying Song & Rhyme panels at some outdoor events, where you can “Rhyme and Play on Your Way!” Rhyming and singing are important early…

COVID Remembrance Day


  NYC has designated March 14th as a Day of Remembrance for those we have lost to COVID-19.  This is a time when families can reflect on the past year, honor those we have lost, and connect with loved ones who are separated from us.  Here are some ways to acknowledge the day with your family: *Special thanks to Librarians Hasina Islam, Kathy Gerber, and Ann Lautner for their ideas!* Create a family tree to remember lost family members, and those who are far away or separated from us. Draw a trunk and add/color leaves with family members' names. Or…

Kids Create: Yarn Friends


The Kensington library loves crafts with yarn. This month we are making cuddly yarn friends!  Supplies: Yarn Scissors One piece of cardboard that is seven inches long and another piece that is four inches long. You can make your cardboard pieces with a ruler and a cereal box Buttons Stickers Any swag to jazz up your doll! (Optional) Steps:  Wrap your yarn around the seven inch piece of cardboard 30 times. (Pro-tip: the thicker your yarn, the more full and cuddly your doll will be. Don’t worry if you don’t have a thick yarn. I didn’t have any, and it still works…

Book Talk: 2021 Mock Caldecott & Newbery Discussions

Stefanie Sinn

  Brooklyn Public Library Mock Caldecott Presenters   The Caldecott and Newbery Awards are upon us yet again and for months, children’s book bloggers and librarians alike have been speculating as to who will ultimately come out on top. There was a substantial crop of worthy contenders and, as always, opinions were vociferous and varied. The Caldecott Medal is awarded yearly to the illustrator of the most distinguished picture book for children. The Newbery Medal, also awarded yearly, goes to the author of the most distinguished contribution to literature for children. Fun…

Book Talk: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival

Jessica Ng

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival celebrated and observed in East and Southeast Asia and overseas. The festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar year, typically between mid September and early October in the Gregorian (western) calendar, when it is believed that the moon is at its brightest and fullest size, celebrating family and friends gathering and reunion, Thanksgiving, and Praying. Here is a selection of books to help you and your family celebrate! (click here for the complete list of English and Chinese titles available in print and eBook formats…

Library Card Sign Up Month!


September is National Library Card Sign Up Month!  While this year may look pretty different from past years, and your library experience may look different as well, there are still ways to celebrate all the wonderful resources you and your family can access with a library card. If you live here in New York, you can get a Brooklyn Public Library eCard that works for electronic resources. With a library card, you can access digital materials like e-books and e-audiobooks for the whole family.  You can also access databases to help with remote learning activities, or even answer a…

Book Talk: Books for the Jewish High Holidays


Tonight, Jewish families around the world will be celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah can take place in September or October, depending on the Hebrew calendar. There are quite a few Jewish traditions to starting the Jewish New Year off right, but one of my favorites is dipping apple slices into honey to welcome in the sweetness of the new year. 

courtesy of Getty Images
Here is a collection of sweet books to reserve for the Jewish New Year:   A moon for Moe & Mo…

Fly Guy's Castle

Kat Savage

One of my favorite books on the 2020 Summer Reading list is Fly Guy Presents: Castles! (also available in ebook format) I love joining Buzz and Fly Guy on their field trips in the Fly Guy Presents series. In this book, they visit a castle and learn so many great castle facts! I enjoyed learning about castles so much I wanted to try to make a model of one.  So I took notes from the book, and decided to create a castle that featured three architectural features: Let me show you how I created a castle with just a few easy-to-find materials. Follow the step-by-step directions below…

Kids Explore: Magical Adventures with Fairies


BACKYARD FAIRIES. Copyright © 2018 by Phoebe Wahl. 
  The theme for Summer Reading 2020 is Imagine Your Story. It’s a way to celebrate reading whatever fun stories spark your imagination. And it’s also a way to celebrate the creatures of folklore and myth, of fantasy and wonder. We’re bringing a little magical sparkle to your summer with this celebration of fairies. Some of them may be small, but each one has a lot of magic to bring into the world, by sharing their talents. (Does that sound like any young kiddos you know?)  These books,…

Book Talk: Maps in Children's Books

Kat Savage

You know how books are. They have covers. You open them up, and there’s so much stuff before the story even starts. The copyright page, other books by the author, the dedication. Maybe there’s a table of contents or an epigraph or a... oh my gosh, could it be?… yes! Yes it’s a MAP! Nothing says fantasy like a good map. Not all fantasy books have maps, and not all books with maps are fantasies. But when there is a map, I bookmark that page. In the midst of the tale, I turn back to it, squinting. If Ged has to get to Roke from Hort Town by sailing west, well, is that very far at all? When…

Kids Create: Pride Pom-Poms


June is Pride Month! If you are part of the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual (LBGTQIA) community or an ally, show your pride with rainbow pom-poms! The History of the Rainbow Flag In the 1960s, before the creation of the rainbow pride flag, the LBGTQIA community represented themselves with a pink triangle, but this symbol had a dark history. Nazi Germany had forced the gay community to wear pink triangles in order to persecute them. One man, Gilbert Baker, wanted a new symbol, one where he could spread love instead of hate. It was a night dancing that Gilbert…

Imagining Your Story: Myth and Folktales from Around the World

Rachel Weiss

As the school year ends and those long summer days inch ever nearer, planning how to fill those hours is no easy task. Luckily, the fine librarians of the Brooklyn Public Library are bringing Summer Reading to the virtual space with the Beanstack app and our eReader services, Overdrive and SimplyE. This year our Summer Reading theme is “Imagine Your Story”, and, if you can imagine it, we have stories for you. Over the next several weeks, our Librarians will be bringing you videos that highlight some of our Summer Reading titles. This week Rebecca of Sunset Park Library shared Weird but…

BKLYN Kids Presents: Juneteenth


Juneteenth Flag (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Juneteenth: A Celebration of Liberation Juneteenth (combining "June" and "Nineteenth"), also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a holiday celebrated every year on June 19th, commemorating the emancipation of the last remaining slaves in the United States. Although the Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1st 1863, it did not mean that all slaves were instantly free. It took months, even years for the news to travel across states during the Civil War. Finally after two and a half…

Tech Play Recipe: Record Me A Story


 Record Me A Story You will need:  Smartphone or tablet  Free voice-recording/memo app or program Printable storytelling cards (optional)   Process:  This is a storytelling game! We’re going to tell a story and record it together. What will it be about? Who will the characters be? Will it be sad, scary, funny? How does a story start and end? Press “record” and start your story! Take turns—you can say “what happens next” to prompt your child. If using storytelling cards, take turns picking a card and using the image on the card to…