Exploring Online Resources: ScienceFlix


Today we are exploring another online resource that patrons can access using their library card. We will be looking at all of the exciting features of ScienceFlix

You can find this resource by clicking the link above or by searching through the Brooklyn Public Library website. Under our logo on the left you will see Borrow, Learn, Attend and BPL Presents. Click Learn --> All Resources and Databases --> and the S to filter out the results by letter. You can also use the filter on the right-hand side to search only resources for kids. 

Watch the video below for an overview on how to access this resource. Once you have found ScienceFlix it's time to get started! 


First, if you "Browse All Topics" you'll see a range of different topics like Evolution, Sound, Marine Life, Anthropology and Conservation. Once you pick a topic to explore, you can either watch or read about it on the main information page. One feature I love is if you do choose to read more about the topic, you have options! You can change the reading level between 1, 2 or 3 (for example: Lexile levels 780, 980, or 1160). You can also choose to switch the language from English to Spanish! 

Within each topic there are many more things to discover. On the left side of the screen, for instance, you can click "Dive Deeper". For the topic Sound this means learning more about things like musical sound, the Doppler effect, the ear and hearing, as well as sonar and ultrasonics.

Once you've taken in all the information, there's some extra sections you can check out. There's a "Science Lab" section where kids can put their new knowledge to use for fun, or get some ideas for school science projects! There are also quizzes, "What do you Think" questions, extra websites and resources, and a whole section on career options in that field. I loved reading about Underwater Acoustics and learning that sonar and similar underwater acoustic systems guide submarines, locate schools of fish, help map the ocean floor. What a cool job! 

ScienceFlix_What do You Think?


Lastly, you can check out the tab "Science News" where there are currently stories about the Artic, the moon, and understanding how dogs communicate with humans. 

Whether you need some homework help or just want to explore a topic you are fascinated by, this is a great resource to get to know! What topic will you check out first? Comment below and let us know! 

As always, reach out to your library staff if you have questions on accessing online resources. And, if you are not already a library patron, fill out the form and pick up a card today, it's free! 


This blog post reflects the opinions of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of Brooklyn Public Library.


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