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Unfortunately, mid-year budget cuts last November forced reductions in vital services and programs for Brooklyn Public Library and all library systems throughout New York City. We had to eliminate seven-day service at all Brooklyn branches that offered it, curtail the purchase of books and materials, and delay repairs to our buildings. The Library is proud to serve as a welcoming space offering free knowledge to all community members, and it’s deeply painful to make changes that reduce the public’s access to our services. 

Brooklyn Library faces even deeper cuts in the coming fiscal year, with over $58 million at stake for libraries throughout the city. If cuts of this magnitude are not reversed, Libraries will have to severely reduce service and programming, including further reductions to our days of service. 

As City Leaders prepare for next year’s budget, we’re asking all of our library supporters to speak up for Brooklyn Public Library. Please send a letter to tell city leaders: No cuts to Libraries! 

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