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496 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Fully accessible
B25 B26 B48 B49
Managing Librarian
Alicia Pritchard
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Closed for Covid-19

Bedford Library has served patrons from its beautiful building on Franklin Avenue since 1905. Today, patrons visit Bedford Library for many reasons, including its adult learning center on the second floor, at which adults develop literacy skills to meet their personal, educational and employment goals. Popular programs include fitness, gaming and early literacy offerings.

Friends of Bedford Library

Friends of Bedford Library is a group of organized volunteers who help our neighborhood library through advocacy, fundraising and promotion. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Bedford Library, ask a staff member for details or email [email protected] for more information.

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Fully accessible

A wheelchair logo in the front of the building directs patrons to take a path around the side of the building to a door at the rear of the building.  Patrons must ring a bell to gain access to the elevator inside the building.

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