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850 E. 59th St. at Paerdegat Ave. South
Brooklyn, NY 11234
Fully accessible
B6 B47 B82
2 5
Managing Librarian
Yong-Le Yau
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Closed for Covid-19

The predecessor to Paerdegat Library opened in 1950 in the abandoned laundry of the Glenwood Project. The popularity of the library-in-a-laundry made it clear that the community needed its own branch, and in the early 1960s, Paerdegat opened at its current location on East 59th Street, where it continues to serve patrons to this day.

Friends of Paerdegat Library

Friends of Paerdegat Library is a group of organized volunteers who help our neighborhood library through advocacy, fundraising and promotion. If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Paerdegat Library, ask a staff member for details or email [email protected] for more information.



Fully accessible

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