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BPL Presents: Read to a Therapy Dog


Calling All Dog Lovers!  Here at Brooklyn Public Library, we love dogs (and reading, of course!). That is why we are super excited when we get to combine the two. At the Central Library, we are fortunate to partner with the therapy animal organization PET PARTNERS to offer a monthly therapy dog program.

Our volunteer certified therapy dog is named Angel, and we absolutely love having her visit at the library! Angel is pictured above at Central Library.
We know from experience that having children read to dogs can help build self-esteem and confidence…

Cooking for Crowds: Books to Cook This Season


It’s the time of year to dust off the roasting pans, serving platters, tofurky basters, pie plates, and anything else you might require to cook up a special meal to share with friends and family. Since moving to Brooklyn, I have become especially fond of holiday celebrations with friends and colleagues, as they tend to provide the most colorful array of foods and culinary experiences. I have enjoyed everything from rice and beans to sauerkraut to vegan cornbread during these spreads. It is to be acknowledged that what is considered a celebration or holiday food is largely subjective, and…

Kids Explore: Fake News!


Program Objectives: Talk about fake news in a general way and across different media, looking at historical examples (War of the Worlds), unintentional fake news and intentional fake news, fake news as satire (The Onion), and the impact of fake news on the real world. Discuss ways of determining if news is real or fake, using examples and demonstrating skills. Activities: Games and Booktalks. Play the game “two truths and a lie.” Ideas for this can also be sourced from the books listed below (such as this example from Real or Fake, scroll to the bottom of this page for the answer!):…