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Are you a person who cannot start their commute without that favorite true crime or comedy podcast downloaded and in your queue? Whether you are a public radio nerd or just now discovering podcasts for yourself, I’m here to tell you that your kids can listen to podcasts, too! The children's podcast industry is growing, and a lot of them are educational and designed to be listened to as a family. So, you don’t have to put in your own headphones when you turn on these pods for your kiddos!  

Audio stories are a great way to keep kids’ minds active and occupied while taking that long-awaited summer road trip. I have also heard from parents that podcasts can be a wonderful way to wind down in the evening, and even get kids to brush their teeth! And if you are battling screen time, podcasts are perfect for letting kids play or move around while listening. 

There is something for every kind of listener. So, check out some of my recommendations below and post your own favorites in the comment section! 

Page Flippers Take on the World is The Magic School Bus meets Reading Rainbow. Hosted by two of BPL's children’s librarians and featuring a new Brooklyn kid in each episode, this wacky show is aimed at listeners ages four to ten.

For the Library Lover: 

I would be remiss if I did not recommend Brooklyn Public Library’s new podcast for kids right off the bat! Page Flippers Take on the World is The Magic School Bus meets Reading Rainbow. Hosted by two of BPL's children’s librarians and featuring a new Brooklyn kid in each episode, this wacky show is aimed at listeners ages four to ten. In each episode, a different kid saves the day by exploring their interests, discovering new books, and talking to experts.

As the writer and producer of Page Flippers (in addition to BPL’s flagship podcast, Borrowed, which you should also check out!), I can tell you that we designed Page Flippers to encourage a love of reading, increase kids’ confidence, and introduce young listeners to the world of careers … with lots of great songs and funny jokes, of course! We also recommend terrific books and free resources for both kids and grownups throughout the broadcast. 

For Storytime Fans:

Each episode of Circle Round is like a play for your ears. The creators of this award-winning kids’ podcast find folk tales from cultures around the world and transform them into sound-rich escapes for the whole family. Each episode features a different Broadway star or TV actor (or a familiar public radio voice) who bring all kinds of characters to life, from a tiny eel to a tall giraffe, and many a princess and trickster in between! This show is certainly one that will keep grown-up listeners entertained, too! 

For Littler Ears 

Noodle Loaf is one of the goofiest shows out there, and one of the best podcasts geared toward kids ages three and up. Dan Saks, a music educator, worked with his own kids to make the sounds and stories on this show. There are lots of sing-alongs (Dan calls them “echo songs”) and rhyming games. As a bonus, Dan has performed at Brooklyn Public Library! 

For Scientific Minds: 

Brains On! is Radiolab for kids. Each episode starts with a science question, and the rest of the show feels like being on an adventure with a smart and funny radio host. If your kid is curious about things like whether mind reading is real or why tickling makes you laugh, then they will love this podcast (and you will love not having to make up answers to their questions)!  

For Kids Who Can’t Stop Singing: 

Give your kiddos some music theory knowledge to go along with their passion for singing Moana songs (again and again and again). Designed by elementary school music teachers, The Music Box from Louisville Public Radio teaches basic music concepts, as well as music history through easy-to-grasp examples. Plus, this show was designed to be played in a classroom, so if you are an educator looking for a fun way to keep kids learning during those final few hours before a long weekend, this is a great show to have in your back pocket. 

For Budding Writers: 

The Story Seeds Podcast is another show designed with both kids and grown-ups in mind. In each episode, a kid gives a “story seed” (an idea for a story) to an established writer, who then turns the idea into a story. The conversations that arise between kid and writer are truly inspiring, and Story Seeds has a connection to Brooklyn Public Library, too! One of my favorite episodes was recorded in Central Library’s Youth Wing and features Irthan, a young BPL patron, and Jason Reynolds, the award-winning author, and National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. 

For Puzzlers: 

A confession: I am not a puzzler. I lose interest halfway through most crossword puzzles and sudoku makes my head fuzzy ... but I listened through the entire season of Oddsquad Podcast from PBS Kids to find out what that darn number pattern was! They had me stumped. And it is a testament to the show’s expert scripting and sound design that I devoured those short episodes as quickly as I did. Plus, Oddsquad uses kid voice actors, so it is nice not to hear adults gabbing away for a change!

Have fun exploring these podcasts and don't forget -- BPL has three of our Page Flipper episodes out in the world now. You can listen here to Melina crack a secret code, Jack conquer a river of glue, and Jason rescue our children’s librarians from inside a jaguar’s stomach! Needless to say, we’ve been having a lot of fun making these. ?




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