Book World, Episode 1: Introducing. . . the Library, A.K.A. Book World!

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Hi Book Stars! The library’s new children’s show is here!  Get ready for your next visit to the library with this magical episode and the accompanying activities! In Episode 1 of Book World, Sheneatha, Jenn and Blueberry explore some of the many treasures the library has to offer. Join them and their friends as they sing and dance to “Books about Everything.”  Kids like you will share great books to check out and you’ll learn a new song that will keep you buzzing. For more fun, complete this scavenger hunt while you watch the video! 

Watching Book World together? You'll find discussion questions and activities below to extend the learning at home or in the classroom. 

  • Sheneatha and Jenn had so much fun at the library! What are you excited to do when you visit? Bring this library checklist with you when you go!

  • What do you think we'll see at the library? Who might we meet? Do you think we will see Blueberry? You can give her a new look with this coloring sheet!

  • There are so many books at the library.  Which topics would you like to explore? Some examples are dinosaurs, airplanes, and weather. You can draw a picture of your favorite book here. 

  • What was your favorite song from the episode? We can sing Here is the Beehive together!

  • This episode was at the Central Library in Brooklyn--what was your favorite part of the library? You can explore the Central Library more in this fun Spot the Difference game!

  • What do you want to do next? Should we check out some books from the library? Start with this Book World booklist!

Thanks for being a Book Star! You can draw your own Book Star Superhero here!


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