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Fly Guy's Castle

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library
August 19, 2020

One of my favorite books on the 2020 Summer Reading list is Fly Guy Presents: Castles! (also available in ebook format) I love joining Buzz and Fly Guy on their field trips in the Fly Guy Presents series. In this book, they visit a castle and learn so many great castle facts! I enjoyed learning about castles so much I wanted to try to make a model of one.  So I took notes from the book, and decided to create a castle that featured three architectural features: Let me show you how I created a castle with just a few easy-to-find materials. Follow the step-by-step...

Book Talk: Maps in Children's Books

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library; DWinter,
July 7, 2020

You know how books are. They have covers. You open them up, and there’s so much stuff before the story even starts. The copyright page, other books by the author, the dedication. Maybe there’s a table of contents or an epigraph or a... oh my gosh, could it be?… yes! Yes it’s a MAP! Nothing says fantasy like a good map. Not all fantasy books have maps, and not all books with maps are fantasies. But when there is a map, I bookmark that page. In the midst of the tale, I turn back to it, squinting. If Ged has to get to Roke from Hort Town by sailing west, well, is that very far at all?...

Kids Create: A Window of Creativity

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library
November 15, 2018

When’s the last time you took a walk through your neighborhood at dusk? The little thrill that comes with a glimpse at people’s homes through lit windows is a particular delight, especially at this time of year. Julia Denos’s “Windows,” with illustrations by E. B. Goodale, captures that feeling. One spread shows all kinds of things inside a big apartment building’s windows, from “a hug” to someone “learning to dance.” In another, an aquarium fills up the window. A little girl day-dreaming. A bonsai. A basement party. This was our inspiration for our art project in Kids Create...

Kids Create: Fall Leaf Rubbings

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library
November 30, 2017

  "What do you notice about these?" I asked as I laid five leaves on the caterpillar-shaped table. "They're all different colors and shapes," Natalie piped in right away. "Yeah! What else?" "Hm... oh! Different sizes. And some have long stems and some have short stems. And some are wavier." This is how four children, three caregivers, and myself started our leaf rubbing exploration during Kids Create at Red Hook Library on November 9th. We continued to discuss what happens to leaves after they fall -- they sit around, and eventually just disappear! One way to...

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