2023 Fashion Academy

The BKLYN Fashion Academy just celebrated it's 5th Season!

Our theme this year was Ancient Egypt: Gods of the Runway!

This year our designers explored one the world's oldest civilizations: Ancient Egypt! Egypt had one of the largest and most complex pantheons of gods of any civilization in the ancient world. Over the course of Egyptian history hundreds of Gods and Goddesses were worshipped. This season we took a deep dive into these Gods and Goddesses, also known as deities, and saw how they shaped Egyptian culture, influence and fashion in the ancient world and now in modern times.





Meet our 2023 BKLYN Fashion Academy Designers!

Photo of Nona Aquan Photo of Tamara Belinda Photo of Andres Biel Photo of Danielle Castor
Photo of Elizabeth Hazlewood Photo of Nicole Lamour Photo of Minaxi MahediaPhoto of Jean Remarque
Photo of Ciara Rivera Photo of Ghislaine Sabiti Photo of Mya Walker



Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, live in Brooklyn and have sewing experience. 

Applications are currently closed! Keep an eye out for our next season!

  • You will be required to attend several classes, attend technical labs, mentor sessions and create a minimum of 4 looks.
  • You will also complete an illustrated drawing of your main look, and feature your completed capsule collection in the BFA Fashion Show.

The runway show for Season 5 was held on Friday, May 5, 2023

The theme for the 2023, Seaon 5, year was Ancient Egypt: Gods of the Runway.

Learn more about the previous seasons of BKLYN Fashion Academy:

The theme for season 4 was American Fashion through Conflict. The evolution of American fashion can give us a glimpse of American history from the frontlines. In times of conflict, we see Americans redefine themselves, whether it is holding fast to tradition or evolving to embrace new realities. From the War of 1812 to the Korean War, the BKLYN Fashion Academy designers will use American history to inspire and develop their collections emphasizing the influence of the major players of their chosen era.  

Their full mini-collections were showcased at the Runway Show on Friday, June 24 on Central Library’s Outdoor Plaza.  More photos to come!


Meet our 2022 BKLYN Fashion Academy Designers!

Our focus for the 2020-2021 program year was the History of Carnevale (Carnival) and its influence around the world. Carnevale which means farewell to meat or flesh originally celebrated by Europeans and passed on to slaves who turned it into a celebration of freedom. By the 18th century free blacks in Trinidad mixed with French immigrants, Spanish settlers, and British nationals transformed the European celebration to a more heterogeneous cultural froth that included traditions from all ethnic groups. With the end of slavery in 1834, the now completely free populace could outwardly celebrate their native culture and their emancipation through dress, music, and dancing hence creating what is now known as Carnival.

Photo (top left to bottom right): Carnival in Haiti, Venice, Tenerife and Rio de Janiero


Designers showcased carnival across these 10 countries and their celebrations: Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, Venice-Italy. Port of Spain-Trinidad & Tobago, Binche-Belgium, Oruro-Bolivia, Toronto-Canada, Port-au-Prince-Haiti, New Orleans-Louisiana (USA), Nice-France and the Tenerife Island-Spain's Canary Islands.

Meet our 2020-2021 BKLYN Fashion Academy Designers!

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The 2019 video from the On the Runway: Homage to Future Fashion Show, captures all the colors, excitement, culture and creativity the designers had to offer.

Fashion forward: Researchers, designers debut new tech on New York City runway from Microsoft Research on Youtube

Video By: Microsoft Research

To learn more about the technology used, Microsoft's partnership with the BKLYN Fashion Academy and much more check out: Fashion Forward.

Check out the 2019 show, On the Runway: Homage to Future Fashion, First Half & Second Half, in case you missed it!


Want to see the 2019 BKLYN Fashion Academy Designers?

Check them out on the Made In NY: Fashion Instagram page, where you can get a little background on each designer and see what they have to offer!


Herero Women of Namibia

Photo Credit: Refinery29


StitchKit Tech Pack

Photo Credit: StitchKit

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MODE EN COULEUR Fashion Show // Super 8 from Nick Collingwood Vintage on Vimeo. (2018)

Video by Nick Collingwood

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