Welcome to the BKLYN Fashion Academy!

This year we embarked on a journey through time where we rediscovered the history and fashion culture of the Herero Women of Namibia, and dove into the future with cutting-edge technology sponsored by Microsoft. Our neo-Victorian theme will take you on a futuristic rollercoaster, into the realm of Steampunk and intropudce you to a growing wave in fashion.

Using Microsoft technology, via MakeCode, designers were able to "enhance the storytelling power of their work using custom-made plug-and-play microcontroller technology."  This year's video from the On the Runway: Homage to Future Fashion Show, captures all the colors, excitement, culture and creativity the designers had to offer.

Fashion forward: Researchers, designers debut new tech on New York City runway from Microsoft Research on Youtube

Video By: Microsoft Research

To learn more about the technology used, Microsoft's partnership with the BKLYN Fashion Academy and much more check out: Fashion Forward.

Check out our show, On the Runway: Homage to Future Fashion, First Half & Second Half, in case you missed it!


Want to see this year's BKLYN Fashion Academy Designers?

Check them out on the Made In NY: Fashion Instagram page, where you can get a little background on each designer and see what they have to offer!


Herero Women of Namibia

Photo Credit: Refinery29


StitchKit Tech Pack

Photo Credit: StitchKit


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MODE EN COULEUR Fashion Show // Super 8 from Nick Collingwood Vintage on Vimeo. (2018)

Video by Nick Collingwood

If you missed last year's Fashion Show check it out here


  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, live in Brooklyn and have sewing experience.
  • The application process is now closed. For Fashion related events, please the library's events calendar.
  • You will be required to attend 7 classes, attend technical labs and create a minimum of 4 looks.
  • You will also complete an illustrated drawing of your main look, and feature your completed mini collection in the BFA Fashion Show.
  • The fashion show will take place May 3, 2019 at the Central Library, 10 Grand Army Plaza.Tickets will be available through Eventbrite in the coming months.
  • The theme is the “Hereros of Namibia”. The women of Namibia make a strong statement decked out in voluminous Victorian-style dresses called the Ohorkova as a continual protest against the Germans who nearly exterminated their entire tribe in the genocide of 1904. Their headgear symbolizes horns in honor of the cattle that their communities depend on so highly. Selected designers will be required to create one look, within their collection, centered on the theme of the “Hereros”, and incorporate StitchKit technology. All remaining garments are open to the designer’s choice, but must be cohesive and completed in the time allotted.



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