English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

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Brooklyn Public Library offers free English classes, job certification classes, and business English classes at libraries across Brooklyn.


Learn English: No Registration Required

Learn English in flexible classes and conversation groups.

Drop-In Classes
Drop-In Classes

For beginners. Practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Learn how to navigate NYC.

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Conversation Groups
Conversation Groups

For intermediate level. Practice speaking and listening in conversation groups led by volunteers.

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Learn English: Registration Required

Learn English in formal classes. Requires an application, placement test and minimum attendance hours. Receive dedicated support and job training.

Beginner ESOL Classes
Beginner ESOL Classes

For beginners ONLY. Learn basic grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.

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Job Certification and English
Job Certification and English

For intermediate and advanced levels. Improve your English AND earn job certifications in one of our three industry options: Restaurant and Culinary (ServSafe®), Hotel and Hospitality (Front Desk Representative), and Digital Literacy (IC3).

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Business English
Business English

For advanced levels only. Refine your English with advanced grammar, idioms, and other high-level English topics.

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Additional Resources

Case Management Services - How can we help you? 

We can help you connect to social services such as childcare referrals, housing assistance, connect to employment opportunities, navigate college and training programs, and much more. We offer free one-on-one in-person appointments. Click here to contact a case manager. 

Have questions or don’t know where to start? Contact us!

For one-on-one assistance or questions about English classes, text/call us at 201.899.4914 or email us at ESOL@bklynlibrary.org. You can also visit one of our five Adult Literacy Learning Centers in person. 

Telephone interpretation services are available at every BPL branch in more than 170 languages. Ask a librarian for assistance. 

Learn English Online

We have resources to help you learn English online. Review our free, online learning resources (library card required).