Book World Episode 3: Read, Play, Grow!

Jessica, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs; Sheneatha, Coordinator of Early Literacy Programs

Grown-ups, you’re going to love this episode! You’ll learn simple things you can do to help children become great readers. We’ll even talk about how you can get babies ready for reading. But as always, this will be fun for children as well! Jenn playfully pretends to be a toddler as Sheneatha demonstrates how talking with your child about what you’re reading (dialogic reading) can boost their understanding and motivation for reading.

Sheneatha and Jenn shared so many great tips to enhance your child’s early literacy skills through dialogic reading! Here are a few to keep in mind the next time you’re reading or playing together: 

  • Try asking open-ended questions as you read and play to encourage language development and conversation. 
  • In conversation, try repeating what your child says and adding more information. It’s a great way to increase their vocabulary.
  • Ask prediction questions, like “what do you think will happen next?”

Reading with babies is important too! Try to find a time to read to your baby every day. Here are some tips to make reading time a learning time for little ones:

  • Pick a time when you and your baby are in a good mood. 
  • Remember to lovingly touch your baby during reading time.
  • Let your baby play with the book if they want to (board books are good for chewing).
  • Stop for now if they become tired or upset. 

Here is a booklist created by BPL librarians to help your child read, play and grow!



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