COVID Remembrance Day



NYC has designated March 14th as a Day of Remembrance for those we have lost to COVID-19.  This is a time when families can reflect on the past year, honor those we have lost, and connect with loved ones who are separated from us. 

Here are some ways to acknowledge the day with your family:

*Special thanks to Librarians Hasina Islam, Kathy Gerber, and Ann Lautner for their ideas!*

  • Create a family tree to remember lost family members, and those who are far away or separated from us. Draw a trunk and add/color leaves with family members' names. Or follow along with Midwood Library this Friday

  • “Light” a flameless LED candle by your window or in your home, or create your own, adding the names of loved ones you wish to remember.

  • Make rainbows to hang in windows to show others we are thinking of them

  • Make a Handmade Hug: take a peice of fabric and decorate it with memories and a message to or about your loved one, then wrap it around yourself for comfort or send to a loved one who is far away. 

  • Create a memory / gratitude box. Take time to thank those that are still with you, around you, and helping you 

  • Make an album / memory book that includes pictures, mementos, favorite quotes, spiritual verses, etc. 

  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs to listen to together  

  • Make a piece of jewelry with the name of your loved one. 

  • Cook / prepare a favorite family recipe (you can also do this over zoom if you have loved ones far away!)

  • Make an origami crane - paper cranes are a traditional symbol of people crossing over and can be made in remembrance of those lost.

  • Write a poem about your feelings / about your loved one 

  • Write a letter to yourself in January 2020

  • Perform a random act of kindness in memory of a loved one


Check out our event calendar for all Covid Remembrance events happening virtually, and for grab & go kits at a branch near you.


This blog post reflects the opinions of the author and does not necessarily represent the views of Brooklyn Public Library.


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