History, Biography & Religion

With a wealth of books and guides that document the earth’s geographical, social and cultural development, our History, Biography & Religion (HBR) Collection stands ready to aid all visitors in their pursuits, whether research, education, travel, or personal curiosity.

Be sure to look around the division each month for our book displays celebrating critical moments in history.

Photo of History, Biography & Religion Division
Photo by Gregg Richards
History & Biography

Our division maintains a robust collection of reference and circulating materials spanning the histories of New York City, the United States and the world. In addition to keeping up with the latest titles in both popular and academic publishing, we hold a steady supply of essential primary source texts—from Herodotus to Hamilton.

Religious Studies

Each day, Brooklynites access the world’s faiths through our diverse religion collections, which feature notable research strengths in Biblical studies, Jewish studies, Christian studies, and topics in African religious identity across numerous traditions and movements.

Travel Guides

Planning your next trip? HBR is the place to go for the latest editions of popular travel guide series, as well as where to find captivating travelogues both old and new.