From environmental issues and education to chemistry and cooking, the Society, Sciences, and Technology (SST) Division holds one of the largest and most diverse topic collections in the Central Library.  We are a Selective Federal Depository; SST holds a collection of Government publications, including New York City and New York State documents. 

Photo of Society, Science & Technology Division
Photo by Gregg Richards


You can find other materials and resources such as:

  • Rules of the City of New York, New York City Charter and Administrative code, New York State Consolidated Laws, United States Code, and United States Supreme Court Decisions
  • New Americans Corner with citizenship material and information flyers
  • Statistical information and data on current issues
  • Print and online access to The Foundation Center’s Directory and Grants to Individuals.  These resources list grant information for both individuals and institutions. The online databases can only be accessed on the SST computers in the public workstations.


We have created several resource lists of helpful websites.

Health and Wellness,
Law & Government,
Social Science and Statistics,