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Need a meeting room? We can help with that!

Many BPL locations have meeting rooms that can be reserved online with an adult full-access library card. Find a location with online reservations here:

Reserve a Meeting Room

All our locations have available meeting rooms, even if they're not in the Room Reservation System. For any location, you can call or visit the branch to inquire about availability.

Please keep in mind that reserving a room in our locations comes with limitations, please see our exemptions below

How to Reserve a Meeting Room Online
  • Reservations may be made online using your barcode and PIN.  
  • Each cardholder can make up to two online reservations per calendar month per location.
  • For most branches, reservations must be made 2 or more days in advance.
  • Reservations may be scheduled up to 28 days in advance. 
How to Reserve a Meeting Room by Calling or Visiting the Branch

Special requests for longer sessions, more than two advance sessions in a month, or reservations more than a month in advance can be requested by contacting the Library. Permission for such requests will be granted at the discretion of staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) allows the use of designated meeting rooms at every open location, for patrons or for community and non-profit groups and organizations holding meetings that are educational, cultural or civic in nature. See our full policy here. 

How long can I reserve a room when making an online reservation?
  • In the branches: Reservations can be made for a minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 2 hours.
  • At Central Library: Reservations can be made for a minimum of 15 minutes and maximum of 2 hours.
How far in advance must I reserve a room when making an online reservation?
  • In most branches: Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance.
  • At Central Library: Reservations can be made same-day. 
Can I reserve a room before the library opens, or after it closes?
  • In the branches: Sessions can only be scheduled to begin as early as 30 minutes after the branch opens and must be scheduled to end by 30 minutes before the branch closes.
  • At Central Library: Sessions can be scheduled to begin as early as 15 minutes after Central Library opens. The last sessions of the day must end by 15 minutes before Central Library closes. The last reservation for the Info Commons recording studio must end no later than a half hour before closing.
  • For reservations beyond those times, see information on event rentals at the library.
What if I need to cancel a reservation I made online?
  • Please cancel your reservation ahead of time, if necessary, through the room reservation system .
  • Reservations are released if unclaimed within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time. 
Can I have food and drink at my meeting?
  • In the branches: You must speak with a branch supervisor at least 2 business days in advance, by phone or in person, to request permission to serve food/beverages. Permission is at the discretion of staff and not guaranteed.
  • At Central Library: Eating is not permitted at all in the meeting rooms in the Information Commons or Business & Career Center. 
Can the Library provide A/V equipment for my event? 

If you would like to request the use of any Library audio/visual equipment, you must contact the branch ahead of time. We cannot guarantee the use of A/V equipment at any location.

How many people can attend my meeting?

It will vary per location, but attendance may never exceed the meeting room’s listed capacity.

What else do I need to know about reserving a room at BPL? 
  • Everyone using the meeting rooms must adhere to the Public Behavior in the Library Policy.  
  • Any scheduled press must be coordinated with the Library's Press Officer
  • All meeting rooms must be returned to their original condition at the end of your reservation. 
  • BPL staff may enter the room at any time.
  • Failure to comply with any of the Library’s policies and guidelines may result in the cancellation of your reservation and loss of future meeting room use.
What kind of meetings are not allowed in BPL meeting rooms?

Meeting rooms may not be used for commercial purposes or solicitation of business. Examples include: 

  • Advertising or selling products, memberships, or services
  • Charging a fee for entry, either in advance or at the meeting 
  • Asking attendees to provide contact information to later use for advertising/soliciting

Meetings rooms may not be used for political campaigning on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for elected public office. Meeting rooms may not be used for any non-BPL fundraising.

Disclaimer: Use of the meeting rooms does not reflect the Library’s endorsement of any particular program, position, or purpose of any person or organization. No implications can be made through written material or other publicity that BPL is sponsoring the event. Use of BPL's logos or branding is strictly forbidden unless authorized.

Meeting Rooms at Central Library

Our flagship location has more than a dozen meeting rooms available for the public, including a recording studio in the Info Commons.

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