Charges and Fees

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Fees & Lost Materials

BPL no longer charges daily late fines, but we will charge you for the replacement cost of items that are more than two weeks overdue. Replacement charges will be cleared as soon as the items are returned. If you cannot return the items, you can either pay for the cost of replacement or contact us about other options.

All previously accrued late fines, collections fees, and replacement charges assessed in 2019 and earlier have been cleared.

How will I know when my items are due?

When you check out any physical items, you will receive a receipt with the printed due dates of your materials. The library will also send reminders when your library materials are coming due or overdue. Courtesy reminders of upcoming due dates are sent by email or text. Overdue notices are sent by email, text, or phone.

You can check the due date(s) of your items at any time, as well as update your notification preferences, by logging into My Account.

Once your materials are 14 days overdue, you will receive a bill with replacement charges for the item(s). Please review the Borrowing Materials page for information about loan periods for library items.

What happens if I return something late or lose an item?

We do not charge daily late fines, so there are no charges for any item you return late, once you return it.

Items not returned more than 14 days after their due date are considered lost. A replacement charge for the cost of lost items will be added to your account in order to replace them in our collection. You cannot place holds, renew, or check out any physical library material until you have returned your lost items or have paid for their replacement.

If the lost materials are returned, the replacement charges will automatically be cleared from your account. BPL will refund any fees paid when a lost item(s) is returned within 90 days of payment, in good condition, and with proof of payment. Visit a BPL branch and speak with a staff member to request a refund. 

The library is not able to accept replacement items purchased by patrons.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay using the following methods:

  • Pay online by logging into My Account.
  • Cash and credit payments are accepted at self-service kiosks found at every open BPL location. Staff does not collect cash from customers.
  • Check/money orders must be made out to Brooklyn Public Library. Please be sure to reference your library barcode number in the notes section. Check/money orders can be given a staff member or mailed to:

          Brooklyn Public Library
          Attn: Finance Department
          10 Grand Army Plaza
          Brooklyn, NY 11238

What happens if the charges aren’t paid?

Please return any items you still have and we will remove the replacement cost from your account. If you are unable to return the items or pay for replacement, please contact us to discuss your options.

Accounts of patrons ages 18 and older with an unpaid balance of $25 or more for longer than 60 days will be submitted to BPL’s vendor, Unique Management Services, who will follow up on our behalf to assist with materials recovery. Your balance will not be reported to credit bureaus or affect your credit score.

Unique Management Services will contact you on our behalf until arrangements are made for repayment or return of overdue materials.

If you are unable to pay charges on your account, please speak to staff about your options. Contact us online, visit any open branch or call our Call Center at 718-YOUR-BPL.

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