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Brooklyn Public Library's card is free for anyone that lives, works, pays property taxes, or attends school in New York State. Learn more about full-access borrowing.

Get a library card

eCard or Welcome Card holders may upgrade to a full-access account at any time by visiting a BPL branch with valid ID (listed above). To learn more, see our FAQs.

eCard applicants will immediately receive a library barcode and PIN to begin accessing the library's digital collections. Your eCard is set to expire in 1 year, but will auto-renew while our libraries have limited services due to the pandemic.

Please note that in order for your application to go through successfully, you must allow the form to track your current location. When prompted with a message such as " wants to track your physical location", you must click on "allow once".

If you have converted your eCard into a full access library card and would like to have your holds, wishlists, checkouts, etc. transferred to your new account, please complete the Report a Replacement Card form to get started. After submitting the form, it will take approximately 1-3 business days for your activity to transfer over.

Completing Registration

Online applicants for a library card can visit one of our open branches within 60 days and present a government-issued ID that includes your name and current address. Proof of NYS residence is required.

An electronic or paper bill, rental/lease agreement, bank statement, or a letter from a shelter may be used to fulfill the residency requirement. Note: Post office boxes may be accepted as the primary mailing addresses if provided along with an eligible NYS address.

Acceptable government-issued IDs include:

  • Current state-issued driver’s license or passport
  • Current New York State Driver’s Permit
  • Current New York State Identification Card
  • Current IDNYC Municipal Card

Parent/guardians of minors (ages 0-17) are encouraged to bring their children to the library when creating an account for them. A parent/guardian may use their government-issued ID to validate a minor's library account application. Identification is not required for children under the age of 13; child is not required to be present.

Teen and young adults (ages 13 to 17) may apply for a library card without a parent or guardian present. Teens must provide a current ID (e.g. school ID, report card, working papers, other "credible" form of ID as determined by library staff), but proof of address is not required. Teens may also provide the following government-issued ID if available:

  • Passport
  • Work ID
  • Military ID
  • Green card
New Yorkers with government-issued IDs from other states

If you do not have a New York State ID, please present a valid out-of-state ID or passport and proof of New York state address that has been issued in the last three months (paystub, postmarked mail, utility bill).

If you work, go to school, or own property in New York and do not have a New York State ID, please present a valid out-of-state ID or passport and proof of employment, school attendance, or proof of property ownership in New York.

Out-of-State Residents (non-NYS residents)

As of July 15, 2022, Brooklyn Public Library is no longer offering its fee-based out-of-state library card. Our priority remains serving Brooklynites and assuring that they can access the materials they need in a timely manner. BPL Library cards remain free for anyone who lives, works, pays property taxes or attends school in New York State. Existing out-of-state accounts will remain active until their expiration date and will not be renewable.

Teens and young adults ages 13-21 outside of New York State can apply for a free Books Unbanned eCard. This card provides access to BPL’s entire digital collection and helps connect young people facing censorship and book bans in their communities with materials that explore a wider range of topics. You can support the Books Unbanned initiative by making a donation.

Get a Library Card

Brooklyn Public Library's card is free for anyone who lives, works, pays property taxes or goes to school in New York state.  Sign up today.


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