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BPL is boosting our signal! Bklyn Reach is a service at select branches that extends our outdoor wireless internet signal to reach up to 300 feet, in all directions, even into nearby homes and businesses. Many New Yorkers who do not have broadband internet access consistently available at home have relied on the libraries as a vital place to connect to the world. We are now making our internet available to patrons 24 hours a day, whether people are in the library or not. Brooklynites can use these networks for free to get online for school, work and more.

Coming Soon: 
  • Arlington Library
  • Bay Ridge Library
  • Bedford Library
  • Borough Park Library
  • Brighton Beach Library
  • Brower Park Library
  • Canarsie Library
  • Clarendon Library
  • Clinton Hill Library
  • Cortelyou Library
  • Crown Heights Library
  • Cypress Hills Library
  • DeKalb Library
  • Dyker Library
  • Flatlands Library
  • Fort Hamilton Library
  • Gerritsen Beach Library
  • Gravesend Library
  • Greenpoint Library
  • Highlawn Library
  • Homecrest Library
  • Jamaica Bay Library
  • Kings Bay Library
  • Kings Highway Library
  • Macon Library
  • Mapleton Library
  • Midwood Library
  • Mill Basin Library
  • New Lots Library
  • Paerdegat Library
  • Rugby Library
  • Ryder Library
  • Saratoga Library
  • Sheepshead Bay Library
  • Washington Irving Library
  • Williamsburgh Library


How to get BPL Wi-Fi 

If you’re near a Bklyn Reach library (listed above), look for the network name Brooklyn Public Library in your Wi-Fi settings on your phone, tablet or computer. There is no password. If you do not see it in your network settings, try moving closer to the library. 

Internet Basics Handout

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a BPL Library Card to access this service?
No. Anyone near a Bklyn Reach library can access the network regardless of whether they have a library card or not.

However, applying for a BPL Library Card is quick, easy, free and will give you access to thousands of booksmoviesonline resources, and Culture Pass. Consider applying today

Can this replace my current internet provider? 
If you are able to afford home broadband, it is recommended that you keep that subscription. The Bklyn Reach networks will reach only homes and businesses in close proximity to these libraries, and will be shared amongst the community.  

Is this safe? 
Yes! While we are making the library Wi-Fi network available for free, and at a wider distance, it is not substantially different or more dangerous than the existing BPL Wi-Fi network or any of the thousands of other Wi-Fi, cell phone and radio signals, let alone the microwave radiation from outer space that we live amongst every day. Unlike X-rays or ultraviolet radiation, Wi-Fi and these other signals operate on the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is non-ionizing—that is, it cannot break down DNA and cause cancer. 

Bklyn Reach: Expanding Wi-Fi Beyond the Branches is generously supported by the Robin Hood Foundation, Solomon Wilson Family Foundation, 1834 Project, Nancy & Chad Dickerson, Jodi Green & Mike Halperin, Jill Simeone & Stephen Kitts, E. Wachs Family Foundation and Anonymous. 

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