All library records that identify patrons by name are strictly confidential, and access to them is limited to staff for legitimate library business. Such records will not be made available to any individual or to any agency of local, state or federal government, except with the explicit permission of the patron in question or pursuant to a subpoena, court order or search warrant.


When visiting Brooklyn Public Library's Web site and using our electronic services, patrons can choose to provide their name, e-mail address, library card barcode, phone number or home address. This information will only be used to fulfill patron's service needs and to help the Library improve and target its services effectively. Cookies may be used for these same purposes. A cookie is a small piece of software that is placed by a Web server onto a user's personal computer and is then used to personalize the site when the visitor returns.

Patrons should be aware that they are subject to the privacy policies of any non-BPL Web sites and organizations that they visit and use. For further information regarding the use of the Internet and computers at Brooklyn Public Library, please refer to our Internet Policy.

What you need to know about the USA Patriot Act

In accordance with New York State Law, your library records are confidential; however, the federal USA Patriot Act requires the Library to provide access to those records when requested with the appropriate authorization.

If information is requested, the USA Patriot Act will prohibit the Library from notifying you of the request.

For more information on the USA Patriot Act and its application to libraries please visit the American Library Association at:

Donor Privacy Policy

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) maintains a donor privacy policy related to fundraising and outreach. See the full donor privacy policy.