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Brooklyn Public Library’s Center for Brooklyn History is the host of NYC History Day!

What is the New York City History Day contest?

New York City History Day is the regional contest for National History Day (NHD), a program that provides over half a million students each year the opportunity to excel at historical research, interpretation and creative expression. Read more about how NHD helps students succeed.

The 2022 New York City History Day contest will be virtual. We recognize that it is important to make a decision on contest format in order to let you all prepare projects accordingly, and we also recognize that there are too many factors out of our control right now to allow us to assume we could plan an in-person event. We hope that the state and national contests will be in person this year; students preparing exhibit and performance projects should prepare projects that could be presented in person at state and national levels. Full details on project submission for the virtual contest will be made available soon on this website.

Join us for the Virtual Launch of NYCHD 2022!

We'll be kicking off the fun for this year's contest online on Tuesday, September 28th at 4pm. Find out more and register to attend here.

Interested in hearing more from us about the 2022 New York City History Day contest?

Stay in the loop by filling out our contact form or emailing us at [email protected].

New York City History Day invites entries in the junior (middle school) and senior (high school) divisions for the following categories:

  • paper
  • exhibition
  • performance
  • website
  • documentary

All categories allow individual or group (up to five students) entries, with the exception of the paper category which only allows individual entries. Each school may promote two projects per category per division (including two group and two individual entries in the same category). Schools with more History Day projects that wish to run their own school-wide contest to decide on NYC contest entries may be in touch with us at [email protected] for ideas on planning a school contest.

The 2022 NYCHD contest will be held in March 2022; top entries will be invited to advance to state and national contests. 

NYCHD 2021 was amazing! Watch our March 26, 2021 virtual award ceremony

Download a list of 2021 New York City History Day award winners.

We're here to help. Check out resources at the links below, or send us an email

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