Research Guides

What are research guides?

A research guide answers the question: What material does the Center for Brooklyn History have about . . . ? For example, many researchers ask: What material do you have about the history of my house? Answer: We have a research guide that summarizes the archival collections at CBH relating to housing and building research.

Do research guides include all the resources available at CBH on a particular subject?

No. Research guides typically focus on text-based archival material. CBH has many resources readily available to researchers in the Library & Archives — such as books, photographs, and maps — but these are not detailed in each guide. The research guides will provide suggestions about these other resources, but will not specifically identify them as they do for archival material.

More research guides are coming!

Our staff is always creating and revising research guides to facilitate your research. If you would like to suggest a research guide that doesn’t already exist, please email us.

Interested in tutorials to search our databases?

We've created tutorials on how to navigate some of our most used digital resources, access them below.

Research Projects and Online Exhibitions

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COVID-19 Project

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