Beginner, Job Certification and Business English Classes

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Brooklyn Public Library offers free, formal English classes that require an application, placement test and minimum attendance hours. Students in these classes receive dedicated support and job training. We offer classes in the mornings, evenings, and on Saturdays. 

There are three Registration Sessions Per Year: 

  • July/August 
  • November/December 
  • February/March 

Click here to sign-up for the next Registration Session.  You will receive a Pre-Registration email and form 1-2 weeks before the Registration Session begins. Because of funding requirements, these ESOL classes are open to NYC residents.   

The Registration Process 

Step 1: Click here to sign up for the next Registration Session. 

Step 2: WAIT to receive your Pre-Registration email and form (1-2 weeks before Registration).  COMPLETE the form to choose your location. 

Step 3: RECEIVE and COMPLETE your Registration and Testing appointment form (appointments are in-person). 

Step 4: START classes! 


Available Classes 

Beginner English  

For beginners ONLY. Learn basic grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills.  

Click here to sign up for the next Registration Session. 

Job Certification and English 

For intermediate and advanced levels. Improve your English AND earn job certifications in one of our three industry options: Restaurant and Culinary (ServSafe®), Hotel and Hospitality (Front Desk Representative), and Digital Literacy (IC3).  

Click here to sign up for the next Registration Session. 

Business English 

Do you want to improve your business vocabulary for an American workplace? Broaden your understanding of American business and workplace culture? We can help! 

Brooklyn Public Library offers free advanced business English conversation classes that will prepare you for success in the workplace and in business. If you are an immigrant professional with a university degree, a business owner or just exploring new career options, these classes are for you. 

We help you build skills in: 

  • Creating a professional resume, cover letter and an online profile 
  • Exploring your local library and other community resources   
  • Talking about business and workplace matters    

Through small group instruction focused on teaching practical business writing, communication and public speaking skills, all classes are taught by volunteers with business experience. This part-time program for adults encourages students to work with their classmates, creating a supportive system that will continue after their lessons are completed. The Business English program is inspired by the We Are New York program, which helps newcomers improve their language skills in order to access health and social services employment and educational opportunities. 

Business English classes are once a week. Each class is approximately 3 hours per session and runs for 11 weeks.  

Click here to sign up for the next Registration Session. 

Additional Resources

Case Management Services - How can we help you?  

We can help you connect to social services such as childcare referrals, housing assistance, connect to employment opportunities, navigate college and training programs, and much more.  We offer free one-on-one in-person appointments.   Click here to contact a case manager. 

Organizations that partner with us 

Upwardly Global, The Hope Program, CLIP (CUNY-Language Immersion Program), CUNY Hostos Community College, CUNY College of Technology, CUNY Medgar Evers College, NY Immigration Coalition, League of Kitchens, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, CAMBA/Cooper Union, Kress Vision, SUNY BEOC, NY Alliance for Careers in Health Care, Robin Hood Foundation, NYC WorkForce, NYU Literacy Review.  

This program is made possible through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title II federal funds that support programs in Adult Literacy and English as a Second Language awarded through a competitive grant process administered by the ACCES Office of the New York State Education Department.