Business English

Do you want to improve your business vocabulary for an American workplace? Broaden your understanding of American business and workplace culture?

We can help!

Brooklyn Public Library offers free advanced business English conversation classes that will prepare you for success in the workplace and in business. If you are an immigrant professional with a university degree, a business owner or just exploring new career options, these classes are for you.

We help you build skills in:

  • Creating a professional resume, cover letter and an online profile
  • Exploring your local library and other community resources  
  • Talking about business and workplace matters   
What You Need to Know

Through small group instruction focused on teaching practical business writing, communication and public speaking skills, all classes are taught by volunteers with business experience. This part-time program for adults encourages students to work with their classmates, creating a supportive system that will continue after their lessons are completed. The Business English program is inspired by the We Are New York program, which helps newcomers improve their language skills in order to access health and social services employment and educational opportunities.

Participants must attend a registration session to enroll in a Business English classes. At registration your English speaking skills are evaluated for class placement. The Spring 2020 registration begins March 21st. Flyer with registration dates will be available on the ESOL page or contact your local branch for more details.

Classes are once a week. Each class is approximately 3 hours per session and runs for 11 weeks.

New Integrated Education and Training Classes:

Registration for free vocational training in Medical Billing for non-native speakers is on Sat., March 18; 10:30 AM. To register for an information session, click HERE.  The next class will begin in Aug. 2023 - Dec. 2023. 


Register for Beginner ESOL, Training classes, and Business English!

Our spring ESOL classes starts April 2023.  New Business English students, please fill out a form here and email to esol@bklynlibrary.

Form instructions are in multiple languages.

Register for Business English classes for the spring 2023 session.