Primary Source Packets

Access approximately 100 archives educator-curated primary source packets on an array of local history topics from the Civil Rights Movement to Neighborhood History and Gentrification in Brooklyn. Each packet includes thoughtful document-based questions to help students analyze and synthesis primary sources about Brooklyn's people, places and events. Download free copies of our primary source packets here!

ADDITIONAL PACKETS AVAILABLE INCLUDE: Architecture in Brooklyn | Drummer Boys | WWII and the Brooklyn Navy Yard | Garment Industry | Independent Research | Irish of Vinegar Hill | Jackie Robinson & The Brooklyn Dodgers | Lenape Native Americans | Oyster Industry | School History: Boys and Girls High School | School History: Brooklyn Democracy Academy | School History in Brooklyn | School History: PS 131 | School History: PS 284 | Sugar Industry | Ridgewood Reservoir | U.S.S. Monitor | Robert Moses' impact on Brooklyn | World War One and Brooklyn

Skills Based Lesson Plans

Our team supports K-12 educators to deliver skill-based instruction through a local history lens. Download free, curriculum and standards-aligned lesson plans written by educators that can be differentiated for elementary, middle or high school students.

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Cornell Note Method | Note Card Lesson Plan| Essay Structure | Corroborating Sources

Claim and counter claim

Claim & Counterclaim Creating a Time Capsule | Thick and Thin Questions  | Developing an Argument | Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement |

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Crafting a Research Question | History Mystery | Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement | Introduction to Research | Steps to Effective Research | Analyzing Historic Bias


Sources Citations

Annotated Bibliography | Citing & Plagiarism

Primary Sources on Brooklyn History

Looking for more information on Brooklyn's history for your students? Visit our list of recommended primary sources.

Handouts & Downloads

Primary VS. Secondary Sources Quick Guide

Effective Internet Research Quick Guide

Field Guide For Student Researchers

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