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Primary Source Packets

Brooklyn Connections has developed several social studies curriculum packets full of primary source documents from the Brooklyn Collection. The sources and corresponding guiding questions can help students gain brand new perspectives about Brooklyn's historical people, places and events. 

ADDITIONAL PACKETS AVAILABLE INCLUDE: Architecture in Brooklyn | Drummer Boys | Garment Industry | Independent Research | Irish of Vinegar Hill | Jackie Robinson & The Brooklyn Dodgers | Lenape Native Americans | Oyster Industry | School History: Boys and Girls High School | School History: Brooklyn Democracy Academy | School History in Brooklyn | School History: PS 131 | School History: PS 284 | Sugar Industry | Ridgewood Reservoir | U.S.S. Monitor | Robert Moses' impact on Brooklyn

Skills Based Lesson Plans

Brooklyn Connections supports teachers as they develop and implement skill-based instruction. Download resources that can draw out specific learning skills from your pupils. Our free lesson plans are written by teachers for teachers and can be adapted for elementary, middle and high school students. Use them as they are or modify them to create your own.

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Cornell Note Method | Note Card Lesson Plan| Essay Structure

Claim and counter claim

Claim & Counterclaim |  Conducting an Interview | Thick and Thin Questions  | Developing an Argument | Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement |

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Crafting a Research Question | History Mystery | Crafting a Strong Thesis Statement | Introduction to Research | Steps to Effective Research


Sources Citations

Annotated Bibliography | Citing & Plagiarism

Map and atlas

Atlas Reading |  Observations and Inferences

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