You love and support your library –and the library needs your love and support.

Every year, 1 million people rely on our 60 neighborhood branches as places to read, write, work, study, learn, play, connect, and relax. Everyone in Brooklyn lives near a library; and the library welcomes everyone—babies, kids, teens, adults, and senior citizens—from all walks of life. As a cultural and civic center, our goal is to empower people to live fulfilling lives and strengthen our communities.

But we can’t do it alone.

We need support from donors, volunteers, advocates, friends, patrons, corporate partners, and elected leaders. Your time, money, passion, and dedication help keep the library a vibrant and vital place for everyone.


New Yorkers need our libraries –and libraries need help from New York City.

Government funding, keeps the library open and running six days per week in 60 branches. For that, we thank the Mayor, the City Council, and taxpayers. But it’s not enough money to survive –or thrive.

We are in crisis.  While city library use and demand for services keeps growing, public funding is not keeping pace.  Brooklyn Public Library needs major and sustained financial support to make essential repairs to our physical spaces; roofs, heating and cooling systems, fire safety and security, and to provide access to people with disabilities. Fixing aging buildings may not sound glamorous, but is absolutely crucial to making our libraries the safe, comfortable, and welcoming places that we expect and deserve.

Help us spread the word.

Thank elected officials for their commitment to libraries.

Ask elected officials to allocate more for libraries.

Learn more about the library’s needs.

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