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BKLYN Mixtape is a podcast from the Shelby White & Leon Levy Information Commons at Brooklyn Public Library. It is a show about everyday creators and makers just like you living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Listen to interviews, music, and audio shorts created in the Info Commons by staff and patrons. We're asking, what will you make today?

Are you a creator in Brooklyn? You could be featured on BKLYN Mixtape! Email [email protected] to get involved.

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An Interview with 'All My Friends Are Stars'

BPL's Matthew Irizarry interviews the band, "All My Friends Are Stars." Musicians Americk Lewis, Nicholas Sosin, Naiika Sings and Tony Mazz tell BKLYN Mixtape what it was like to record their first album at the library, share their musical philosophy as well as stories from their annual festival in Sweden. 


Lolita Lens: Photographer

BPL's Matthew Irizarry interviews Brooklyn-based photographer Lolita Lens about her work. Librarian Melissa Morrone shares an excerpt from Susan Sontag's "On Photography."


BKLYN Mixtape Macon Edition: Writers' Block

For a special edition of BKLYN Mixtape, we gathered aspiring and established writers to share their advice and encouragement about how to keep writing and how to get published. Featured writers include: children’s book author Rita Meade, Dr. Dora Gray, author of a book for middle-grade readers, and novelist Brian Platzer. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Arlene Ducao: Educator, Technologist, Maker

Arlene Ducao is an educator and technologist in Brooklyn. You can find her work here. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Jamie Lee Lewis: Educator, Poet, Artist

Jaime Lee Lewis is an artist, poet, writer, and educator based in NYC, who uses the Info Commons recording studio to create the music and poetry that adds to his growing brand of artistic content. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Sina Zekavat: Architect, Urbanist, City Explorer

Sina Zekavat is an urbanist, architect, and city explorer. Listen to her talk about architecture, gentrification, housing justice, and the changing urban space that is now Brooklyn, New York. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Jamie Courville: Audio Maker and Storyteller

As a local filmmaker, oral documentarian and storyteller, Jamie has a wide range of work in film and video, oral history recording, and podcasting, as well as partnerships with different local organizations, including Brooklyn Public Library. She has also featured the work of her storytelling project “Squirrels Stories” here at the Info Commons. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Cósmica: Brooklyn Based Womyn Artists' Collective

Meet your local artist collective, Cósmica, self described as "a feminist art collective that strives to unite and support womyn artists and professionals from alternative, under-represented, and diverse backgrounds." Barbara Calderón & April Ibarra Siqueiros share the many wonders of creating your art and helping others to foster creativity. Keep listening for featured music from Info Commons studio user Freddie Cosmo. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Robert Leach: Local Musician

Robert was part of the first wave of artists to utilize the Info Commons studio space and create musical compositions. Keep listening for our first Mixtape short: a children's story read by Windsor Terrace librarian Jane Palmer. Listen to this episode on iTunes.


Alex and Becky Chipkin: Twin Printmakers

Twin artists and activists Alex and Becky Chipkin share what printmaking means to them, how they came to the art form, and what having a printing press on bicycle is all about. Listen to this episode on iTunes.



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