BKLYN Community Audio

BKLYN Community Audio is a sampling of the best sound from Brooklyn Public Library, created by staff and patrons at BPL. Listen to artist interviews on BKLYN Mixtape and Bed-Stuy Tea, first-person stories from Brooklynites on Hear Me Out, BKLYN Outpost Redux, and Who Tells Your Story. The library is always making stories. We’ll post new shows and episodes as they come out.

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Bed-Stuy Tea

Bed-Stuy Tea is a podcast from BPL's Macon Branch! Peter Enzinna, Krishna Paul, and Riann Roca interview local creatives and residents on their creative projects, favorite books, and their cozy beverage preferences. Enjoy an episode of Bed-Stuy Tea while you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and get to know some amazing Brooklynites!

Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap: Intergenerational Debate at BPL is a 3-cycle pilot debate series that pairs teens with older adults. Using the Benson model of debate created by Dr. Thomas Benson, participants work in intergenerational teams to craft persuasive arguments and develop public speaking and research skills as they get to know one another across the generational divide. These episodes highlight the scope of the program as well as the debate experiences and backgrounds of the participants. Teens interviewed the older adults in lively discussions about ​generational gaps, colonialism, mental health, working from home vs. the office, and even The Beatles!

Bridging the Gap: Intergenerational Debate at BPL is made possible through the generosity of The Eisner Foundation. Episodes were produced by Emily Boghossian at BRIC and the theme music is "Gentle Marimbas," courtesy of Podington Bear and the Free Music Archive.

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Paerdegat Speaks

Paerdegat Speaks is a show dedicated to amplifying the voices of our incredible library patrons and celebrating the diverse and vibrant community that calls Paerdegat Library its home. Each episode will feature an interview with someone who has navigated life's challenges and triumphs with the support and resources provided by Brooklyn Public Library. From the ambitious student who found the perfect study corner to the aspiring writer who discovered a wealth of literary treasures, our guests will share their experiences and express gratitude for the vital role this library has played in their lives.

Hear Me Out

Hear Me Out was an audio storytelling workshop series, co-produced by Virginia Marshall, UnionDocs, and lead instructor Stephanie Foo. Fourteen Brooklynites applied and were accepted to the program. They each came in with a story to tell about Brooklyn, and over the course of twelve weeks, they learned the basics of recording, editing, and mixing their own audio stories. Hear individual episodes below, or listen to clips from the audio stories highlighted in BPL's flagship podcast Borrowed: Part One and Part Two.

Hear Me Out was part of BKLYN Incubator, and was generously supported with funding from The Charles H. Revson Foundation and Robin K. and Jay L. Lewis. Family Inc.

BKLYN Mixtape

BKLYN Mixtape is a podcast from the Shelby White & Leon Levy Information Commons at Brooklyn Public Library. It is a show about everyday creators and makers just like you living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Listen to interviews, music, and audio shorts created in the Info Commons by staff and patrons. We're asking, what will you make today?

Are you a creator in Brooklyn? You could be featured on BKLYN Mixtape! Email infocommons@bklynlibrary.org to get involved.

BKLYN Outpost Redux

BKLYN Outpost Redux is an audio series developed to offer adult and young adult residents in family shelters the interest of expanding their digital knowledge through storytelling. 

Who Tells Your Story?

Who Tells Your Story is a program and audio series aimed at increasing BPL’s outreach efforts to older adults; fostering digital literacy and promoting personal ownership of stories they can create.

Strategic Plan Spotlight: Podcasting for the People

At BPL, podcasting allows our staff and patrons to create powerful connections with their audience through sound, voice and story.

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