The new Sunset Park Library will open in November 2023

Sunset Park is home to one of Brooklyn’s busiest libraries, with attendance and circulation that rank near the top of Brooklyn Public Library’s 60 branches. At 12,200 square feet, the previous branch was too small and too outdated to meet the needs of the patrons who depend on its collection and services. Sunset Park Library required more than $6 million in repairs. Its air conditioner was broken and had been replaced by loud portable chillers that did a poor job of cooling the branch on hot days. There were only 12 electrical outlets available to patrons, and too much of the library’s space was unavailable to the public.

Sunset Park Space

At almost 21,000 square feet, the new Sunset Park branch will be nearly twice as large as the previous one. The new library will be everything that the previous one was not: bright and comfortable, with an open, flexible design and up-to-date technological infrastructure. Its essential components, including the HVAC system, will be brand-new.  And the building will be topped by 49 units of permanently affordable housing.

Our partner in the Sunset Park Library project, the Fifth Avenue Committee will pay for the core and shell of the new, expanded branch. BPL will be responsible for outfitting its interior, using proceeds from the redevelopment of Brooklyn Heights Library.

Sunset Park Interim Library

Interim Library

Interim library service is being provided at 4201 Fourth Ave (at 43rd street), in space made available by the New York City Police Department. 


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