The Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Kings Highway Library features work stations, cutting-edge technology and software, collaborative areas, job readiness training and a recording studio.


The Best Buy Teen Tech Center is more than just an interactive learning environment where teens can experiment with technology. It’s also a space to be creative, learn at your own pace, socialize with peers, meet professionals in the field of tech, and—through the Pathways program—acquire skills for college and careers.

Teens ages 13–18 are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore technology, create art, music, animations, 3D objects, jewelry, fashion creations and beyond.

Furthermore, Best Buy's collaboration with The Clubhouse Network will provide participants with access to a global network of youth in over 100 clubhouses in 20 countries, allowing them to share their projects with teens all over the world. To join, drop by the Center and ask to talk with a staff member.


Gail Grant, Best Buy Teen Tech Center Coordinator

In 2015, Gail became the Technology Training Supervisor for the Brooklyn Heights region, where she hosted the first Brooklyn Robotics League (BRL) competition, lead the Today’s Teens Tomorrows, Techies Committee, and facilitated T4 training for both teens and staff. Gail holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology with a specialty in counseling. In 2019, she became the Best Buy Teen Tech Center Coordinator for the Boys & Girls Club in Jersey City. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of youth lead her back to BPL in 2021 as Kings Highway Library’s Best Buy Teen Tech Center Coordinator.


Saul Zelaya, Best Buy Teen Tech Center Career Pathways Facilitator

Saul was born and raised in Queens, New York, eventually graduating from Hunter College with degrees in English and Film & Media. Shortly after moving to Brooklyn, he began volunteering at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Kings Highway Library. He was later hired to lead the Center’s Pathways Program, for which he organized workshops with PBS, the Grammy Museum and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Saul also works with teens to provide college and career readiness, and technical skills in the fields of design, visual art, coding and much more.