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How do we talk to our children about climate change? How do we incorporate climate activism into the busy routine of parenting? How can we process our emotions in order to effectively respond to this threat? This event will bring together leaders in the climate movement who are tackling these sorts of questions for an important and engaging discussion. They will also provide concrete ideas and resources that parents can use to help build a greener future.


Nikki Crook, co-lead organizer of 350Brooklyn Families

Geraldine Anne Patrick Encina, scholar in residence at the Center for Earth Ethics and mother of Xiye Bastida, a leader of the youth climate movement Fridays for Future

Liat Olenick, elementary school science teacher, advocate for public schools and climate justice, and co-president of Indivisible Nation BK

Moderator: Tom Roderick, longtime educator, activist and writer, and former leader of Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility


Climate Wednesdays Fall Series:

9/18/19 The Big Green Picture: Local Strategies for a Livable World

10/16/19 Climate Smart Energy: Heating, Cooling and Turning the Lights On

11/20/19 Parenting In the Age of Climate Change

12/11/19 Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection

Climate Wednesdays will continue in 2020 with topics to be announced: February 12, March 18, April 15, and May 20.

Presented by 350 Brooklyn.

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