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How does our current food system affect the climate, and how does climate change affect the quality and availability of food? What methods and policies can protect both the climate and the food supply? And who’s farming in Brooklyn?


Onika Abraham, director of Farm School NYC and co-founder of Black Urban Growers

Elizabeth Henderson, policy director, Northeast Organic Farming Association, and author of Sharing the Harvest: A Citizen's Guide to Community Supported Agriculture

Nancy Romer, professor emerita, Brooklyn College, and co-founder and board member at Brooklyn Food Coalition

Moderator: Bhavani Jaroff, chef, educator, food activist, and host of the iEat Green podcast


Climate Wednesdays Fall Series:

9/18/19 The Big Green Picture: Local Strategies for a Livable World

10/16/19 Climate Smart Energy: Heating, Cooling and Turning the Lights On

11/20/19 Parenting In the Age of Climate Change

12/11/19 Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection

Climate Wednesdays will continue in 2020: February 12, March 18, April 15, and May 20.

Presented by 350 Brooklyn.

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