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The climate crisis may be the biggest challenge New Yorkers have ever faced.  Our city and state are setting the pace with new laws aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, cars, and industry. But the fossil fuel industry keeps rolling out new pipelines. And some communities bear a much heavier burden than others. What’s been achieved, and where do we go from here?


Lisa DiCaprio, Associate Professor, NYU, and Conservation Chair, Sierra Club NYC

Yessenia Funes, Environmental Justice Journalist, Earther

Kim Fraczek, Director, Sane Energy Project

Moderator: Sara Gronim, Co-facilitator, 350Brooklyn


Climate Wednesdays Fall Series:

9/18/19 The Big Green Picture: Local Strategies for a Livable World

10/16/19 Climate Smart Energy: Heating, Cooling and Turning the Lights On

11/20/19 Parenting In the Age of Climate Change

12/11/19 Green New Meal: The Food-Climate Connection

Climate Wednesdays will continue in 2020 with topics to be announced: February 12, March 18, April 15, and May 20.

Presented by 350 Brooklyn.

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