Want to take your career to the next stage? It’s time to LevelUP! 

LevelUP is a workforce advancement program designed to help Black women get to the next stage professionally and build wealth. 

LevelUP will provide instruction, mentoring and financial coaching to give Black women the opportunity to pivot and advance their careers in industries where they have a low percentage of employment. LevelUP will launch three 10-week cycles focused on these key industries: Real Estate, Finance and Technology.  

Each cycle will offer an in-depth look at one key industry and its various sectors, in addition to insider knowledge on how to break into that industry.  

In a time when Black women make less in the labor market and face job-related economic disadvantages driven by systematic and individual discrimination, LevelUP is determined to support those with transferable skills and professional experience to find their place in this economy—and we think it is time to make a change!


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Real Estate

The Real Estate cycle will focus on the Development sector. For more information about this industry and the cycle dates, click the link below.

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The Finance cycle will focus on the Compliance sector. For more information about this industry and the cycle dates, click the link below.

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The Technology cycle will focus on the Cybersecurity sector. For more information about this industry and the cycle dates, click the link below.

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One Million Black Women

In partnership with Black-women-led organizations, financial institutions and other partners, Goldman Sachs has committed $10 billion in direct investment capital and $100 million in philanthropic support to positively impact the lives of one million Black women over the next decade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LevelUP is open to all persons who identify as a Black woman. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply, and you must be a Brooklyn resident, with a Brooklyn address.

LevelUP is currently only available to Brooklyn residents.

LevelUP will be both in person and hybrid. Applicants selected to participate in the cycles will be given a schedule and information for both types of interaction.

To get started, you can attend any of the Information Sessions; all of the dates, times and locations for the Information Sessions are listed here . Once you’re ready to apply, please select your desired industry and submit your application. Be sure to check the start and end dates for each cycle you are applying for.

Yes. You can apply for any cycle or industry that interests you, but once you are selected for a cycle you will not be eligible for any other cycles and cannot reapply.

Yes, to assess your skill and experience level, you are required to submit a resume as part of your application.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for all cycles. Applications are currently closed and expected to reopen in the Summer.

Upcoming Events

LevelUP Tech Cohort Closing Ceremony

Fri, May 3 4:00pm
Central Library, Dweck Center


Please join us in celebrating Brooklyn Public Library's LevelUP Tech/Cybersecurity Cohort for their Closing Ceremony.

In partnership with Goldman Sachs' One Million Black Women Initiative, BPL launched LevelUP: a workforce advancement program for Black women…

Applications are closed for the Technology Cycle.

If you're interested in LevelUP programming, please join our LevelUP Mailing List here.

If you have any questions, email levelup@bklynlibrary.org


Mentor our LevelUP Leaders!

Mentorship is a vital part of the LevelUP experience.

Would you like to support our LevelUP Leaders as a mentor?

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About Our Partner

Support for LevelUP is provided by the Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women initiative, a groundbreaking investment to positively impact the lives of at least one million Black women by addressing the dual racial and gender biases they face.

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