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National Wildlife Federation

In celebration of National Wildlife Week, we're sharing some resources to help you explore nature and wildlife right from home.

Try a Virtual Zoo Visit

Observe animal behavior through the following links.

These are just a sampling of what is available. Search for "virtual zoo" or "animal webcam" and you'll find many more!

Free Educational Materials

Enjoy free access to National Wildlife Federation’s award-winning educational materials and programs. You and your child can explore the full array of curricula, activities, and projects for the National Wildlife Federation’s Eco-Schools Program. Nature Guides help kids explore local wildlife. Or, stay in touch with a far-away relative by talking on the phone about the wildlife that’s native to their area. 

Ranger Rick Digital Content

Free access to the digital editions, activities, and resources of Ranger Rick are available through June. Parents working to educate and entertain their children while schools are closed can access the monthly Ranger Rick Educator’s Guides and Ranger Rick Jr. Parent Reading Guides.

Grow a Garden for Local Wildlife

Free access to the World Wildlife Federation’s array of information, tips, and services to help gardeners attract more butterflies, birds, and other wildlife to backyards.

At-Home Activities

Looking for more wildlife content? Check out our earlier blog post on Wildlife books and crafts!

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