BKLYN Kids Presents: National Wildlife Week

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National Wildlife Week starts today, April 6th. We know that it may not be easy right now to find ways to get outside and explore nature and wildlife. With these crafts, books, and other resources, you will be able to bring the wildlife exploration closer to home!

Kids Create 

New York Zoos and Aquarium: Build Your Wild Self (Based on an Activity from the Bronx Zoo)

You can choose to do this on paper or on the computer. 

Start by drawing yourself, and replace some of your features with aspects of different animals:

  • What kind of eyes do you have? Cat eyes that see in the dark? Iguana eyes that can see in all directions? 
  • Do you have hair or fur? What does it look like?
  • Make yourself something special and unique. Don't forget, animals have all kinds of cool heads with horns and manes. 
  • What do you want to add as your headgear ? You could have wings extending from your shoulders. You could have a protective shell like a turtle or a snail.
  • Did you want to add a tail for balance or cozy warmth? 

Whatever you imagine your wild self to be , make it come to life . Then learn about all the cool features you added to your wild self. 

Looking for more wildlife craft ideas? Check out the following awesome activities!

Make a Honeycomb out of Toilet Paper Rolls from Sam And Mom

Explore Animal Crafts and Printables from Learn Create Love

Make a bird deterrent to keep birds from injuring themselves on windows, with these tips from the Fort Collins Museum of Science

Make your own Coral Reef with Undersea Printables from cartoonist Maris Wicks

Book Talk

Here are some ebooks to help bring the natural world and its wonders indoors for a cozy storytime, or a picture book exploration.

Book Cover: Animal poems of the Iguazú = Animalario del Iguazú
Animal poems of the Iguazú = Animalario del Iguazú written by Francisco X. Alarcón, illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez

The rainforests of Iguazú National Park in South America come to life in these gorgeously illustrated poems

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Book Cover: An egg is quiet
An egg is quiet written by Dianna Hutts Aston and Sylvia Long

Illustrations and descriptions of different kinds of animal eggs and facts about eggs.

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Book Cover: Here we are : notes for living on planet Earth
Here we are : notes for living on planet Earth written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

A tour of the many habitats on Planet Earth, and an introduction to the creatures who call it home.

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Check out the complete booklist here.

For more on the plants we grow for food, see our blog post about National Agriculture Week.


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