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We’ve all had the experience of borrowing a book from our local library and being transported to another world in its pages. Seven children’s book illustrators have each contributed a panel to a joyous mural in Central Library’s Youth Wing, bringing that experience to life. Scroll through the slideshow above to see each panel.

Check out the Illustrators:

The artists first met in November 2018 to discuss themes, ideas and techniques.

Mural Artists
Pictured from left: Paul O. Zelinsky, Sophie Blackall, Christopher Myers, Yuyi Morales, Selina Alko, Stephen Savage. Not pictured: Javaka Steptoe. Photo by Gregg Richards.

After that meeting, Sophie Blackall created a color palette inspired by the colors of Brooklyn.

Color Palette

As the plans came together and the illustrators saw one another’s work, they made numerous adjustments and borrowed elements from one another to add a sense of continuity to the panels. It’s fun to play “I Spy” with the panels! Can you find a red book in each one? A flying saucer?

Most of the artists visited the Youth Wing after hours one evening in June to watch the printing and installation firm Color X hang the final artworks, which, up until that point had only ever been viewed on-screen.

Youth Wing Mural Installation. Video courtesy of Sophie Blackall

“It was kind of like Night at the Museum, where you’ve always wanted to go into a library and see what it’s like when people aren’t checking out books,” said Stephen Savage.

Now that the mural is up, it’s difficult to imagine the Youth Wing without it.

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