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We are thrilled to share Brooklyn Public Library’s new campaign “For Brooklyn” with you. We just launched the campaign in March, with lots more planned to celebrate and support the library.

The “For Brooklyn” campaign seeks to reintroduce the Library to all of Brooklyn’s 2.6 million residents. Brooklyn Public Library’s branches can morph and change in magical ways, depending on the people who visit. There are millions of books and eBooks, and free wifi and computer access in all 59 branches. The Library has offered storytime for over a hundred years, and now has storytime in nine different languages, along with millions of children’s books. The Library also hosts nearly 70,000 events and classes a year, from citizenship classes to coding workshops. It’s a tremendous amount of resources and opportunities, available for free, to anyone in Brooklyn.

The “For Brooklyn” campaign introduces these offerings and services by answering the question, “What is the Library for in 2019?” There are currently 32 different “For…” iterations in the campaign, with more planned. The campaign features portraits of patrons and is photographed by Brooklyn-based artist and street photographer Andre D. Wagner and portrait photographer Arturo Olmos. You will see the campaign all around Brooklyn on LinkNYC, billboards, and subway stations starting in March and throughout 2019.


Do you have a “For Brooklyn” you’d like to be featured in the campaign? We’d love to hear it. Share it with us, and you’ll have a chance to be a part of the campaign. Here’s how:

Step one: from your perspective, what is Brooklyn Public Library for?

Your answer could be short and funny, or long and emotional. You might want to share an image and a story, or even make a video. Your response could be in Chinese, Spanish, Urdu, or French Creole, or American Sign Language. Any of these responses would be wonderful to include in our “For Brooklyn” campaign. The only requirement is that the answer starts with “For…” (in whatever language you prefer.) This is the glue that unifies all of the reponses.

Step two: Share your response on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using #ForBrooklyn.

The Library will be choosing the best answers regularly, and highlighting them on LinkNYC ads, billboards, and subway videos.

Questions on how your “For Brooklyn” could be used? We’ve got answers:

How could my response be used?

Your response could be used in social media posts from Brooklyn Public Library’s accounts, LinkNYC banners, billboards, and/or video advertisements on the subway platforms.

Will I get to approve my response before it’s live?

Absolutely! We will share the final text and/or design with you for approval prior to making public. The most important thing to the Library is that you are happy with your response and excited to be a part of this shared effort. We will ensure we have your approval before anything is live.

Will I get to see if an image or video is paired with my response?

Yes! Our creative agency will sometimes pair your response with an image or video that matches the content. In these cases, we will share the image or video with you ahead of any publication.

Can I see all the places where my response is used?

After we have your approval to use the response, we will do our best to share the placements where your “For Brooklyn” response will appear. We will share assets as we go via a Google Drive link.

If it’s posted on social media, will you include my handle?

We’d love to! The Library will be reposting throughout the campaign on our official channels and will include your handle on every post. The library is a shared space, and similarly the campaign is most effective when we’re supporting each other. We’d be delighted to include your handle in the campaign.

Can my response be anonymous?

We would like to include your name, but if you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s fine too.

Is there a word count limit?

There is no word count limit. Be as sparse or as lengthy as you would like. We will find an appropriate home for the content, whatever length you choose (and will get your approval before making public.)

Can I promote my business, event, or product in my response?

Sadly, we cannot promote businesses, events, or products within the campaign. The “For Brooklyn” campaign promotes the library’s offerings that are free and available to everyone. To keep the messaging inclusive and free to all, we cannot include non-Library promotional content.

Can be compensated for my participation?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a fee or compensation for your participation. We appreciate your generosity, both in time and talent.

I haven’t been to the library in years, or I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t currently have a library card.

Don’t worry—we know everyone is busy, and that the library is sometimes more important at different points in our lives. We would still be honored to have you included in the campaign. Also, here’s how to get a BPL Library Card (sign up online, it’s free!).

Can I see all the iterations of “For Brooklyn” being used?

Here you go, and we’ll update as the campaign goes on:

For a much needed break from Baby Shark®
For a place that speaks your language, or 112 other languages
For a safe space
For acing the test
For answers and questions
For book clubs and game nights
For browsing
For coming together
For connecting
For creating
For discovering your past
For families
For free space and free speech
For freedom that’s actually free
For getting fit without the membership fee
For getting out of the house
For getting through junior year
For homework help
For next steps
For opening doors
For reading the book before the movie comes out
For singing with your kids this spring
For snowy days
For something new this spring
For staying up all night
For that book club you’ve been meaning to start
For throwback Brooklyn
For warming up
For what comes next
For when it’s just too cold for the park
For your demo
For your diploma
For your next chapter
For your next job
For your side-side-hustle


Creative campaign:
Bellweather Agency

Andre D. Wagner
Arturo Olmos

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