Major Capital Project Tracker


Map of branches being renovated

Note: This map lists Brooklyn Public Library capital projects with budgets over $3.5M. 

Description of Phases

The Library team and its stakeholders determine the scope of work needed, prioritizing the needs and goals within the proposed budget.

Qualified architects, engineers and design consultants are invited to submit bids for the project through a competitive, transparent process conducted according to the procurement guidelines of the City, State and/or Brooklyn Public Library’s purchasing policy. Contracts typically must be approved by the NYC Office of Management and Budget and registered with the City Comptroller.

Design consultants conduct a process that produced detailed designs aligned with project goals. Since most of Brooklyn Public Library’s facilities are owned by the City of New York, changes to the exterior of our buildings must be approved by the Public Design Commission. Once stakeholders have signed off on the design, the consultants generate the construction documents that will be used as the basis for contractor bidding and construction.

Construction companies bidding for contracts undergo an extensive vetting process, which ensures that contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. If required, the contract is filed for registration with the City Comptroller.

The selected contractors undertake the project according to the construction documents. Brooklyn Public Library has project managers who monitor the progress of the project to help ensure quality and resolve any issues.

Brooklyn Public Library assumes control of the site once construction has concluded and thereafter Library team is responsible for fitting out the space with furniture, fixtures, equipment, data access, computers, books and other library materials.

If an active construction project is halted for any extended period of time and cannot proceed, its status will be listed as 'On Hold'.

Update schedule: capital data is updated with the City's Capital Commitment Plan, issued in January, April and within 90 days of the adoption of the Capital Budget.