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Presented in collaboration with Prospect Park Alliance, University Open Air provides immigrant teachers and professors an opportunity to share their knowledge with the public by welcoming students from all walks of life to enjoy free classes under the trees at Prospect Park. Your professors will be teachers, researchers, professionals and academics from around the globe. From the core curriculum to extracurricular activities, all classes for the Fall Semester will be conducted at the Boathouse and the surrounding area in Prospect Park located at 101 East Dr, Brooklyn, NY

The University will consist of courses in the sciences and humanities, as well as other disciplines, through offering a platform for the talent and wisdom in the life stories of New York’s local immigrants. The Fall 2020 courses will take place between September 16th - 26th on Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays

University Open Air is a space for you to gain knowledge and experience freely with others. Here, your desire to learn will be acknowledged and celebrated, regardless of immigration status.


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