Brooklyn Public Library has facilitated several audio miniseries projects from our patrons and the communities around our branches—and through our BKLYN Incubator program, we continue to feature community-produced audio throughout the borough. Listen below!


BrownsvillExcerpts is the podcast and program for Young Adults at the Brooklyn Public Library's Brownsville Branch. This podcast highlights stories about Brownsville, its neighbors and its libraries straight from the source. The first program ran the summer of 2017 and participants learned about collective storytelling, journalism, broadcast media and podcasting from guest speakers and hands-on training. With support from community organizations such as Made in Brownsville, Brooklyn Arts Council and The Brownsville Community Justice Center, the program was well received. In subsequent seasons we've worked with the Brownsville Collaborative Middle School and Frederick Douglass Academy VII, and hope to continue working with the community to bring new stories to light.

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KNRC Youth Radio

KNRC Youth Radio is a podcast from the Canarsie branch of Brooklyn Public Library. It is a show by and about youth in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The first season features pieces produced by teens during a six week workshop series at the Canarsie Library. The theme of the season was current social issues. Special thanks to our young podcasters, librarian Marie Edwards at the Canarsie Educational Campus, audio and filmmaker Jamie Courville, Mark Pagán with Brooklyn Free Speech/BRIC, and the BKLYN Incubator.


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BKLYN Outpost Redux

BKLYN Outpost Redux is an audio series developed to offer adult and young adult residents in family shelters the interest of expanding their digital knowledge through storytelling. 




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