TeleStory is a free program that connects individuals in custody of the New York City Department of Corrections and Administration for Children's Services to their loved ones through use of teleconferencing equipment at the public library. TeleStory sessions, or “televisits,” allow families to connect in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. For visits involving children, the library provides books, toys, games and art materials, as well as the support of library staff. TeleStory is designed to supplement, rather than replace, in-person visits.

What you'll need to know before your first televisit

Below are the most frequently asked questions about TeleStory. Once you have read the FAQ, please contact us to schedule your visit.

TeleStory is open to family members of individuals incarcerated within the NYC DOC or ACS juvenile detention facilities. Children of incarcerated individuals are given priority. 

TeleStory spaces vary, but can usually accommodate up to six people comfortably. If you would like to bring more people to your visit, ask the scheduler which branches are available to you.

All visitors 16 years or older are required to present valid picture identification at each visit. 

TeleStory is available Monday-Friday after 3pm. Brooklyn Public Library closes at 6pm on early nights, and 8pm on late nights. The latest possible visit time is 6:30pm. 

The DOC and ACS requires at least 48 hours to process our visit requests. We recommend that you book your visits at least a week in advance, since the program is in high demand. 

Your televisit begins automatically at the time of your appointment and lasts for one hour. It’s necessary to arrive on time in order to get your full hour of visiting time. If you are running late or need to reschedule your visit, please call or text 718-916-9408 to let our scheduler know. 

It depends on the facility your loved one is housed in. Some facilities can accommodate up to 3 visits a week, while others are busier and have fewer available visitation slots. We try to accommodate everyone who requests visitation time, so it’s typical for families to visit once or twice a week maximum. 

Learn more about TeleStory in this video: