BKLYN Incubator supports innovative programs by fostering partnerships between library staff and community partners. These teams work together to develop new ideas to serve our communities. The program provides a curriculum, mentorship, and coaching through a competitive process and our winning ideas receive funding to implement their ideas in collaboration with the Library.





Brooklyn Robotics League

The purpose of BKLYN Incubator is to ensure that our work is responsive to community needs by empowering staff to collaborate with community partners to build public programs and services from the ground up.​

Round 9 Programs:

Below are the programs selected for funding in Round 9. These initiatives will run throughout 2023.

AniTomo Convention & Fandom Inventions with BPL!

This program will use manga literature and anime content to connect teens and young adults with unique styles of programming around manga and anime content.

New Lots Library in collaboration with PaleFO Cinema


ANYONE / ANYWHERE Public Photography Initiative

The project has the goal to build community through creating images of shared human experiences. Cohorts will provide access to camera equipment, teach people how to take photos, and welcome anyone from anywhere to contribute to a community photography exhibition.

Willamsburg Library in collaboration with Anyone / Anywhere


ARTmobile @ BPL

ARTmobile meets communities' expressed desire for access to art aimed to foster cultural pride and empowerment. ARTmobile will connect communities to BPL resources offering art workshops as well as mentorship and professional opportunities to neighborhood artists. Their model develops a sustainable, community-centered artists residency providing underserved neighborhoods with art making opportunities.

BPL's Office of Neigborhood Services in collaboration with Residency Unlimited (Voices of Multiplicity)


Brownsville Blackout

Brownsville Blackout is a workshop series aimed at engaging the teens of Brownsville, Brooklyn, in a productive and creative initiative. Working with a professional poet, teens will develop a zine of their own work, displayed within the library. Brownsville Blackout introduces teens to different modes and mediums of expression, providing an outlet for creativity.

Brownsville Library in collaboration with Lana C. Marilyn


Common(s) Knowledge

Creating an installation that reimagines the icons at the front gates of Central Library as signposts and displays to engage and inform the public. The final design and the specific focus of the information offered through the installation will be determined through community workshops.

Central Library Info Commons in collaboration with office of open practice studio/agency (oopsa)


Cortelyou Handmade

This program seeks to instruct people on how to embroider using different methods such as carbon transfers, fabric printing, and free hand. The calming effect of embroidery can be a help to those in the community during these stressful times, as well as encouragement for the community to be in the moment and perhaps even spark entrepreneurship.

Cortelyou Library in collaboration with Casa de Tacha Embroidery



This program offers underrepresented Brooklynites the opportunity to try a tech training program that provides career services related to employment and educational advancement, raising awareness of free tech training programs. The program’s impact will be the reduction of some socioeconomic barriers to pursuing education that develops industry-relevant knowledge and skills.

Business and Career Library in collaboration with Kingsboro Community College - Workforce Development


Red Hook Improv

Red Hook Improv is bringing improv comedy workshops, centered on devising original work and performance. Their process focuses on facilitating a safe space for theatrical exploration, particularly for kids without regular access to arts programming. This program will create a consistent, reliable structure where teens can develop their theatrical and comedic voice.

Red Hook Library in collaboration with Lumina Theatre Company


Student Dream Money Matters

Money Matters is a bootcamp designed to help young adults become smart, intentional and successful in managing their money. Eight hours will be spent building the knowledge needed to successfully manage money. Students will learn strategies to increase their income, save more money and accomplish their financial goals in a realistic time frame. By the end of the program participants will have a financial plan that gives them clear steps to improving their financial health and building wealth.

Flatbush Library in collaboration with Student Dream


The Four Pillars of Culture: Literacy Program

Covenant Keepers Ministries is partnering with Paerdegat Library to bring about impact and change in the community for families. They firmly believe that community is important, and they want to serve those in their community who are unserved. This program's impact will involve having different events at Paerdegat Library, such as cultural literacy programs for children, bringing in local businesses to expose the community to different cultures, and providing the necessary resources they need to thrive.

Paerdegat Library in collaboration with Covenant Keepers Ministries


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