BKLYN Incubator supports innovative programs at the Brooklyn Public Library by providing professional development, mentorship, and resources to staff with innovative ideas.  The purpose of the BKLYN Incubator is to empower our staff to build public programs and services from the ground up and support ideas that are responsive to community needs.

Below are the eight teams who were funded for round four of BKLYN Incubator.  Round four programs will implement between November 2017 and August 2018.

At Macon and Eastern Parkway libraries we will - Create, Learn and Share: Space to Create + Willingness to Learn + Ability to Share = Cultivation of New Talent.
BKLYN Fashion Academy is a comprehensive, interactive initiative created to equip aspiring women’s wear designers with the knowledge and tools to produce a collection from sketch to runway.
At Brighton Beach and Coney Island libraries, staff and our partners will receive arts-based cultural competency training to better engage library users, cultivate unity, and celebrate the complex diversity of Brighton Beach and Coney Island.
Provide library staff with the knowledge and resources to lead Lego EV3 workshops while teaching the youth of Brooklyn to be confident, problem-solving members of their community by building robots.
At Highlwan Library we will strengthen family literacy skills by designing and facilitating an oral and written storytelling project for school-age children and their families at the Highlawn Library.
At New Lots Library Echoes Of Our Lives is a writing project that encourages adult writers in our learning centers to participate in a writers workshop in which they will write and publish their work.
The League of Readers is book club version 2.0 that connects teens to the source materials of popular geek fandoms and meets together to discuss, compare, and create their very own fan swag.
At Central patrons with a BPL Library Card will be able to check out musical instruments for 8 weeks.

Incubator Events

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