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Transportation is the #2 source of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City. We have the nation's most extensive subway system and the slowest bus service. With the Covid-19 pandemic comes a new set of mass transit woes. But bicycling is surging, and a whole slew of New Yorkers are avoiding the commute altogether as they check into work via Zoom. How can we get our troubled public transit system back on track and headed where we need to go in a climate-friendly way?


Allison Considine, transportation organizer for the Sierra Club

Dulcie Canton, Brooklyn Biking Coordinator for Transportation Alternatives

Renae Reynolds, Transportation Planner for NYC Environmental Justice Alliance

Vanessa Barrios, Senior Associate for State Programs and Advocacy at the Regional Plan Association

Moderator: journalist Emily Nonko

This workshop will take place online via Zoom. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom link prior to the event.

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Presented by 350 Brooklyn

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