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Brooklynites love urban nature. And not only do parks, waterways, and shady streets create healthier neighborhoods and a better quality of life - they can also help us confront the climate crisis. City trees cool sweltering "heat islands", clean the air, and absorb carbon dioxide. Healthy coastal wetlands protect our shorelines from storm surges. Green roofs and composting can play a pivotal role in the climate fight. How can we enlist natural forces to promote a livable climate? And how can we share nature's benefits equitably in our city?


Alan Burchell directs Urbanstrong, a Brooklyn design company specializing in living walls and green roofs

Jalisa Gilmore is the Research Analyst at NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, focused on issues of urban ecology and social justice

Ceci Pineda is Executive Director of Brooklyn ROT, a young people's composting organization with a social justice mission

Nikita Scott is Chair of the NYC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, which champions coastal preservation and ocean protection


Eugenia (Genia) Naro-Marciel is Chair of the NYU Global Liberal Studies concentration in Sustainability, Health and the Environment

This workshop will take place online via Zoom. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom link prior to the event.

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Presented by 350 Brooklyn

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