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Please join us for the exhibition opening of Stars Down to Earth: Mary Mattingly & Dario Robleto with an artist talk by Dario Robleto entitled Small Crafts on Sisyphean Seas. From wonders of the cosmos to urgent questions around habitable futures on earth, this exhibition brings together the scientific inquiries and complex visual systems of these two artists, who, through their art, engage with the world as citizen scientists and ethicists. 

Both artists will be in attendance and Robleto will give a talk for the first portion of the evening.

A reception in the Dweck Auditorium Lobby follows. Light refreshments will be served.

Small Crafts on Sisyphean Seas

As a young boy in the late 70s, artist Dario Robleto had a life-changing encounter with a recording on NASA’s famed “Golden Record”—an interstellar message filled with images, languages, and music attached the sides of the deep space probes Voyagers I & II. If on its billion-year-long journey it is found by another intelligence, it may be the final document representing what human cultures and the Earth once encompassed. Understood as one of the most hopeful examples of gift-giving ever attempted, the particular recording on board that so deeply impacted Robleto—the electrical signals from a young woman’s brain and heart who had recently fallen in love—has inspired over a decade of historical research and art about the quest to preserve and communicate the most essential features of our humanity.

Over the past several years, Robleto has been working as an artist-in-residence at both the SETI Institute and as a researcher with the Breakthrough Initiatives—organizations dedicated to  scientifically answering one of the most profound questions humanity has asked: Are we alone in the cosmos?

In this lecture, Robleto will link the history of sending our hearts into the universe to the realities of any observers being out there to find them.

About the Exhibition

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