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After a year of interrupted service, we are proud to reintroduce Bookmobile service to our beloved borough.  This service is designed to support Brooklyn’s underserved communities by bringing library resources to communities hardest hit by the pandemic as well as areas between our branches. 


Our Fleet 

For those familiar with BPL’s past Bookmobile service, we are now a Walk-Up Service.  This means interactions with the Fleet will take place outside the vehicles, rather than inside.  Each vehicle includes a full range of library materials and resources, bringing the library experience to each of our dynamic neighborhoods.  

We currently have one vehicle in circulation but by May 2021, we will have four vehicles in our fleet: Two Bookmobiles, a Kidsmobile, and a Techmobile. 

Each Bookmobile houses a collection of up to 6,000 books specially curated to meet the needs of the neighborhoods and events we serve. Residents can check materials in or out and get library cards on the Bookmobiles.


What kind of materials can you find on the Vehicles? 

Books, DVD’s, BPL Programming flyers, Bookmobile Banks, Grab-and-Go Crafts, activity books,  


Can I check out books and DVDs from the Vehicles? 

Yes! Our collection is smaller, but you can check them out from staff at the service window or straight from the BPL App [insert Link!] on your phone. 


Can I Return Books to the Bookmobile? 

Yes!  Bookmobiles will accept Returns from any branch.   


What Other Services Will the Fleet Provide? 

Free WiFi, Reference help, Library Card signup, and reading areas.  Our staff can also help you place Holds on materials that you’d like delivered to your favorite branches. 


What Safety Measures Are in Place as We Ride Out the Pandemic 

BPL and the Bookmobile Fleet always encourage social distancing and mask-wearing.  We also provide masks and hand sanitizer for patrons upon request.  We are not able to provide access to high-touch items (toys, games, or shared equipment) or printing at this time. 


Meet the Kidsmobile

One of our Bookmobiles is a Kidsmobile, offering collections for children and teens as well as storytimes and other youth activities. The Kidsmobile visits schools, daycare centers, parks, juvenile detention centers, special education programs, parks, pools and community events—any place that helps young Brooklynites connect to library services.

Request the Kidsmobile: To specifically request a visit from the Kidsmobile, apply here.

Note: Fines cannot be settled at the Bookmobiles. Due to lack of space, holds cannot be placed or picked up at the Bookmobiles.


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