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Fly Guy's Castle

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library

One of my favorite books on the 2020 Summer Reading list is Fly Guy Presents: Castles! (also available in ebook format) I love joining Buzz and Fly Guy on their field trips in the Fly Guy Presents series. In this book, they visit a castle and learn so many great castle facts! I enjoyed learning about castles so much I wanted to try to make a model of one.  So I took notes from the book, and decided to create a castle that featured three architectural features: Let me show you how I created a castle with just a few easy-to-find materials. Follow the step-by-step directions below…

What Should You Read this Summer?


If you are looking for a book to read this summer but don’t know what to read, take this quiz to receive a list of books that aligns to your interests.  Once you get your score, look it up here to get your summer booklist. Any one of these books can take you on an intense trip or an emotional roller coaster that is more enticing than watching an action adventure movie. And remember, just because it’s a book to read in the summer doesn’t mean it’s filled with hot, stuffy weather.  For more summer books, check out BPL's Summer Reading lists, and BookMatch Teen's Summer Vibes…

Kids Explore: Magical Adventures with Fairies

Hasina; Elizabeth

BACKYARD FAIRIES. Copyright © 2018 by Phoebe Wahl. 
  The theme for Summer Reading 2020 is Imagine Your Story. It’s a way to celebrate reading whatever fun stories spark your imagination. And it’s also a way to celebrate the creatures of folklore and myth, of fantasy and wonder. We’re bringing a little magical sparkle to your summer with this celebration of fairies. Some of them may be small, but each one has a lot of magic to bring into the world, by sharing their talents. (Does that sound like any young kiddos you know?)  These books,…

Book Talk: Maps in Children's Books

Kat Savage, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library, Neighborhood Library Supervisor, Adams Street Library; Danielle

You know how books are. They have covers. You open them up, and there’s so much stuff before the story even starts. The copyright page, other books by the author, the dedication. Maybe there’s a table of contents or an epigraph or a... oh my gosh, could it be?… yes! Yes it’s a MAP! Nothing says fantasy like a good map. Not all fantasy books have maps, and not all books with maps are fantasies. But when there is a map, I bookmark that page. In the midst of the tale, I turn back to it, squinting. If Ged has to get to Roke from Hort Town by sailing west, well, is that very far at all? When…

Imagining Your Story: Myth and Folktales from Around the World


As the school year ends and those long summer days inch ever nearer, planning how to fill those hours is no easy task. Luckily, the fine librarians of the Brooklyn Public Library are bringing Summer Reading to the virtual space with the Beanstack app and our eReader services, Overdrive and SimplyE. This year our Summer Reading theme is “Imagine Your Story”, and, if you can imagine it, we have stories for you. Over the next several weeks, our Librarians will be bringing you videos that highlight some of our Summer Reading titles. This week Rebecca of Sunset Park Library shared Weird but…

Summer Reading 2020: Imagine Your Story


  Summer Reading 2020 has gone virtual! This year's theme is Imagine Your Story – a celebration of fairy tales, folklore, mythology, and sharing your own unique story and voice. Brooklyn Public Library is here to help families have FUN with reading all summer long! It all begins on June 1, with kickoff events including a sing-along party with Cara Samantha, building castles with ArchForKids, and a performance by the Catpulli Mexican Dance Group. This year, instead of stopping by a local branch, families can sign up for Summer Reading online at…